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The PAX Pokémon League Australia 2014 Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Australia’s first year of League Champions!


If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally or something’s missing, leave a comment! If your picture is missing, send it to us! We’ll do our best to fix it!

Thank you to everyone involved! Especially you, double Mewtwo kid ūüôā See you in 2015!

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PPL Australia: Episode 4 (and 3)!

The fourth and final Episode of the PAX Pokemon League Australia Podcast is up! CHECK IT OUT!

Produced by and starring the sizzlingly electric (and eclectic) Professor Fern, and this week featuring PPL Aus administrator/Ghost-type-in-the-machine gym leader Phil (as always) and Bug-type gym leader Priam! They talk about how PPL Aus went overall, give some shout-outs to a few memorable challengers, and talk about how YOU can get involved in the PPL Aus!

In short: if you’re interested in getting involved in PPL Aus as a gym leader next year, applications will open up some time in late May/early June of next year. That’s a long time to wait and it’s easy to forget, so I suggest following the PPL Twitter account (@PAXPokemon) or Like our Facebook group (PAX Pokemon League) or if you’re social media adverse, you can even follow our RSS feed! We’ll announce when applications open.

If you’re planning on attending any of the other PAXes, the PPL will be there too! It’s too late to apply to be a gym leader for PPL South, but applications for PPL East will open very soon! So watch for that… and PPL Prime applications will go up sometime in March!

While you’re waiting, though, follow Phil’s advice in the podcast and join the forums! Chat with gym leaders, give us ideas for next year’s League, share stories… it’s a good place. ūüôā

(Also, we goofed and didn’t link to it, but Episode 3 went up a few weeks ago! Did you miss it? Give it a listen!)


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PPL Australia: Thank you for playing!!!

Thank you everyone for making the first PPL Australia a big success!

We’ll have another update with some pictures soon, but for now I wanted to say a few thank yous:

Thanks to Phil (philomglol on the forums and on twitter) for agreeing to organize the League and run things on the ground! Without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

Thanks to loltsundere for the wonderful gym leader art, and my good friend Kim for helping keep the art side of things organized.

Thanks to the great and powerful Morganstern for designing the badges for those gym leaders who asked (Morganstern has designed SO MANY BADGES you guys, he’s amazing).

Thanks to all the gym leaders who worked hard to put together their teams and put their time and money and effort into making this happen…

and thanks to YOU, for participating! The League would be nothing without you! We hope you play again next year!

If you want to join our community, come join our forums! You’ll find lots of gym leaders hanging around.



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Leader: Chillian, the Fire Master from Legend!

ChillianBefore the Pok√©ball, before the Pok√©dex, before technology as we know it today existed, Pok√©mon were not caught; they were befriended. The bonds of friendship were what tied Humans and Pok√©mon together, not cages. In this age long since past, there were ‘The Four’. These Champions, who represented the 4 main types of discovered Pok√©mon (Water, Grass, Fire, and Electric) were the Ultimate test for people who held the power of Pok√©mon. Their skill level was beyond comprehension; their bonds with their Pok√©mon, unrivaled. Humans would challenge these Four in hope to obtain the greatest Merit given: the Title of Loyalty.

Chillian, the Master of Flame, was no exception to the Legend of The Four. His fierce battling strategy was feared by many, and his warm heart loved by many more.The Dogs of War, his pride and joy, reflect both of Chillian’s core values: they are both ferocious battlers and the loyal companions.¬†Demonstrate your bond with your Pokemon to Chillian and be awarded the Loyalty Badge!

Loyalty Badge

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Leader: Cassius Clay, The Heavyweight Champion!

Cassius Clay

Cassius The Heavyweight King
decided to retire from the ring.

He wants the younger ones to train,
to be like him and bring the pain.

With a one two punch he’ll knock out your lights…
want to take him on? Keep out of his sights!

Hit him fast, cut him down to size
to Claim the Fist Badge as your prize!

Fist Badge

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Leader: Hydra, the Righteous Ace!

HydraHydra was an ace trainer specializing in dragon-type Pok√©mon. He prided himself on his righteousness, always fighting for the good of people and Pok√©mon alike, and was appalled when he heard news about organisations like Team Flare and Team Rocket who were mistreating Pok√©mon for nefarious ends. Thus, he resolved to fight back. He began gathering like-minded ace trainers and set up a Pokemon gym dedicated to guiding up-and-coming trainers on the importance of respecting their Pokemon. Hydra’s mantra echos: “only those pure and just will pass through my gym!” Are you righteous enough to earn the Scale Badge?

Scale Badge

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Meetup Times, Trainer Cards, and Prizes!!!

Lots of important news! First, PPL Aus, like PPL Prime and PPL East before it, will feature Trainer Cards!

The PPL Aus 2014 Trainer Card!

When you challenge a gym leader for the first time, win or lose, they’ll give you one of these! It has a list of all the gym leaders (to help you identify them and keep track of the ones you’ve faced) as well as a list of all the ways to keep track of us (social media stuff) and a helpful list of Meetup Times!

Meetups will be held in the Handheld Lounge (level 0, click that for a map) at:

Friday, 10:30 AM
Saturday, Noon
Sunday, 3:00 PM

Meetups are a great way to find lots of gym leaders to battle, as well as other challengers! Compare badges, get to know some new friends, or maybe… Rivals?!?

Finally:¬†if you manage to collect 8 badges, find Gym Leader Phil (he’s the PPL Aus Administrator, and also a gym leader!) and show him. He’ll take your picture for the Hall of Fame and give you a prize!¬†(While supplies last, we don’t know how fast they’ll go!)

There’s no Elite 4 or Champion to defeat this year; the League is starting small to gauge interest. But if we get enough demand, we hope to grow next year!

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Leader: Shifty, the Dashing Drifter!

ShiftyNobody knows where he comes from or where he’s going, but Shifty‘s slept in the gutters of more cities than most people can name. Drifting from town to town looking for work, Shifty scraped together a living on odd jobs and the kindness of strangers. As luck would have it, while rooting through a dumpster, Shifty chanced upon an unused Pok√© Ball and found a fresh-start. Now running his own mobile gym (a tent he made out of garbage bags), Shifty wanders with a new found sense of pride and purpose as a self-proclaimed gym leader. Let Shifty know the taste of defeat (or a hot meal) and earn his coveted Bean-can Badge!

Bean-can Badge

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Leader: Volucris, the Venemous Reptile!

VolucrisBorn in the densely populated Lumiose City, Volucris grew up surrounded by Pok√©mon. Exposed to the glitz and glamor of the big city Volucris yearned to stand out in the world of Pok√©mon, to stand tall as someone both strong and unique in their battling style. In the back alleys of Lumiose he was introduced to another side of the city, and to Pok√©mon: poison types. While the fashion-centered world of Lumiose thrived as much on power as beauty Volucris knew right away that he had found Pok√©mon other people wouldn’t look twice at. Furthermore he found poisoning enemy Pok√©mon in battle to be a ruthless and effective battling style. By frequenting the back alleys of Lumiose he formed a bond with a large variety of poison types and learned the advantages of each, bringing them all with him into the larger world to become a renowned trainer. He has even donned various aspects of his beloved Pok√©mon, wearing claws and horns to give himself the visage of a menacing reptile. To this day he can still occasionally be found in the back alleys, all too happy to put your Pok√©mon’s health on the clock and see if you too can stand tall and claim the Vile Badge!

Vile Badge

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Leader: Charlotte, the Crazy Espurr Lady!

CharoletteEver since childhood, Charlotte was obsessed with Espurrs. She grew up in a household just outside Camphrier Town surrounded by Skittys, Meowths and Purrloins, but she was always drawn to the Espurrs. Something about their cold, lifeless stares drew her to them…. Her life’s dream is to catch every single one. Be warned, your Espurrs may go missing if you turn your back! Defeat her glaring of Espurrs to earn the All Seeing Badge. (A successful trade of a shiny Espurr or Meowstic may also result in the the receiving of a badge!)

All Seeing Badge

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