PPL Australia: Thank you for playing!!!

Thank you everyone for making the first PPL Australia a big success!

We’ll have another update with some pictures soon, but for now I wanted to say a few thank yous:

Thanks to Phil (philomglol on the forums and on twitter) for agreeing to organize the League and run things on the ground! Without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

Thanks to loltsundere for the wonderful gym leader art, and my good friend Kim for helping keep the art side of things organized.

Thanks to the great and powerful Morganstern for designing the badges for those gym leaders who asked (Morganstern has designed SO MANY BADGES you guys, he’s amazing).

Thanks to all the gym leaders who worked hard to put together their teams and put their time and money and effort into making this happen…

and thanks to YOU, for participating! The League would be nothing without you! We hope you play again next year!

If you want to join our community, come join our forums! You’ll find lots of gym leaders hanging around.



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