Leader: Volucris, the Venemous Reptile!

VolucrisBorn in the densely populated Lumiose City, Volucris grew up surrounded by Pokémon. Exposed to the glitz and glamor of the big city Volucris yearned to stand out in the world of Pokémon, to stand tall as someone both strong and unique in their battling style. In the back alleys of Lumiose he was introduced to another side of the city, and to Pokémon: poison types. While the fashion-centered world of Lumiose thrived as much on power as beauty Volucris knew right away that he had found Pokémon other people wouldn’t look twice at. Furthermore he found poisoning enemy Pokémon in battle to be a ruthless and effective battling style. By frequenting the back alleys of Lumiose he formed a bond with a large variety of poison types and learned the advantages of each, bringing them all with him into the larger world to become a renowned trainer. He has even donned various aspects of his beloved Pokémon, wearing claws and horns to give himself the visage of a menacing reptile. To this day he can still occasionally be found in the back alleys, all too happy to put your Pokémon’s health on the clock and see if you too can stand tall and claim the Vile Badge!

Vile Badge

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