PPL Australia: Episode 4 (and 3)!

The fourth and final Episode of the PAX Pokemon League Australia Podcast is up! CHECK IT OUT!

Produced by and starring the sizzlingly electric (and eclectic) Professor Fern, and this week featuring PPL Aus administrator/Ghost-type-in-the-machine gym leader Phil (as always) and Bug-type gym leader Priam! They talk about how PPL Aus went overall, give some shout-outs to a few memorable challengers, and talk about how YOU can get involved in the PPL Aus!

In short: if you’re interested in getting involved in PPL Aus as a gym leader next year, applications will open up some time in late May/early June of next year. That’s a long time to wait and it’s easy to forget, so I suggest following the PPL Twitter account (@PAXPokemon) or Like our Facebook group (PAX Pokemon League) or if you’re social media adverse, you can even follow our RSS feed! We’ll announce when applications open.

If you’re planning on attending any of the other PAXes, the PPL will be there too! It’s too late to apply to be a gym leader for PPL South, but applications for PPL East will open very soon! So watch for that… and PPL Prime applications will go up sometime in March!

While you’re waiting, though, follow Phil’s advice in the podcast and join the forums! Chat with gym leaders, give us ideas for next year’s League, share stories… it’s a good place. 🙂

(Also, we goofed and didn’t link to it, but Episode 3 went up a few weeks ago! Did you miss it? Give it a listen!)


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