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  1. Kat

    So to start off, I wanna say that I absolutely love what you’re doing, even though I’ve never been to PAX. Anyway, I’m part of a Pokemon League at Tsubasacon, and I was wondering where you get your custom buttons from? Do you make them yourself, or are they ordered? Any help you could offer would be great.

    • James

      We order off of, since PAX is pretty big, and has a large button fanbase, we often get a discount. Otherwise, their rates are pretty good regardless.

  2. Connor

    Hi I’m in melbourne and I was wondering will there be a pokemon vgc at pax aus and if so what day will the seniors be on since I can’t get a 3 day pass

    • Propriety

      Um… we don’t run VGCs! So not sure what you’re asking. This is the PAX Pokemon League. (We also don’t have “Senior” competitions! The PPL is for everyone!)

      If you’re asking whether there will be a PAX Pokemon League at PAX Aus… we’re working on it! Nothing’s for sure yet, but we’re hoping.

  3. Is there any news about PAX AUS? I am interested in it 🙂 Hopefully it isnt a problem if i am a begineer

    • Propriety

      Hello Pokefan! We actually posted about AUS on the main page a few days ago. We’re accepting gym leaders right now! Anybody can be a gym leader, beginners included. But if you’re more interested in just challenging the League, all you have to do is show up at PAX AUS and look for bright green gym leader scarves, and if you spot someone wearing one, challenge them to a battle!

      There will be more AUS-specific information available as PAX approaches. Good luck!

    • My dream has come true now I am a real pokemon trainer

  4. John

    First off, love the PPL. I recently started following, but am very excited to see non-Nintendo events happening. I think it really helps grow a community when people run events of their own (similar to SCG to MTG). On that note, are there any plans for other conventions?
    I know other states often hold their own events, or other large events happen around the country (Comic Con in CO or CA for example + Anime Cons). I was curious if PPL had any interest in doing other events that isn’t PAX.

    Overall though, very cool event, and 100% supported from CO!

    • Propriety

      Hey, thanks for the kind words!

      Right now we have our hands full with 4 PAXes. @_@ Running a Pokemon League requires a lot of bureaucracy, wouldn’t you know it! They gloss over all that in the games. ;D

      There are other groups who run leagues at other conventions, though, and we think that’s totally cool! Anybody who wants to start a League should go for it!

      • John

        What are your thoughts on league representation at other events?

        • Propriety

          Sorry, I’m a little unclear: what do you mean by league representation? Do you mean our league being present at non-PAX events, or other leagues?

          • John

            Yup, sorry for not being clearer. Is that something that’s possible? Either by representation of additional gym leaders, or “traveling.”

  5. David

    Is there anyway to become a member of PPL?

  6. Bryan Shubert

    After hearing of what you guys do, I love how you have come up with this. Im surprised no one would have done this sooner. I hope in the future to participate in pax south to challenge the leaders. My only question is, since you guys are doing gym leader battles with the pokemon games have you guys considered having another group of gym leaders that battle with the pokemon cards. Im probable not the first to ask this, but I think it would be just as fun as the ds game battles. If you guys have already thought of this when do you think you will do it or not do it because there is already a group that does it. I have not looked it up to see if there is a group.

    • Propriety

      Hey Bryan! First, thanks for the kind words! We hope you do challenge the League at PAX South!

      A few people have suggested this, but unfortunately we’ve never really seen a big enough group of people bring their TCG cards to PAX to make this an official thing. Besides, we have our hands full organizing the league with just the game! There are usually at least a few people interested in the TCG around, though, so you should be able to get some matches in if you ask around. You can try asking on our forums to arrange battles. We don’t know of a group that does this, but we hope you can find one!

  7. Athina Agelopoulos

    Hi my name is Athina and I want to apply for Pax Prime 15 to be a gym leade. Where can I do that?

    • Propriety

      Hi Athina! Right after PAX East is over (which is March 9th) we’ll put out a call for gym leader applications for Prime! So keep an eye on this site or our twitter (@PAXPokemon) or our facebook (!

  8. James Mancini

    Hi question. I need to know if I am a pax south 2016 leader? I applied as Jamm the Crying Froakie. If I’m not accepted to be one of the leaders, thats fine. I will sell my pass and cancel my room for Pax South. I will be also applying for the PAX East 2016 leader whenever thats announced. Thanks and have a nice day.

    • Russell

      Hi James, I’m sorry to say that your application was not among those accepted. You’re still welcome to come and challenge the League, if you like, not being a leader doesn’t mean there’s not still PPL or PAX fun to be had!

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