PAX South 2017 Gym Leader reveals begin! Jen and Sam!

Jen, the Museum Intern!

Jen the Intern

After accepting the coveted position of Collections Intern at Nacrene Museum, Jen threw herself fully into her work. One day, however, as she was studying a new artifact, she heard something shuffling around in the shadows. When she approached to investigate, a Yamask jumped out from between the boxes, stowed away in the last shipment. It was then she realized that many ghosts were living inside the various artifacts! Soon she was surrounded by the mischievous Pokemon eager to help with her studies. After months of research and preparation, she’s traveled to PAX South with her new ‘exhibit’ of artifact ghosts.

Show your knowledge of historical artifacts or battle to win yourself the Collections Badge!


Sam, the Tricky Desert Terror!


Sam was born and raised in a town at the base of a mountain range, and at the edge of a huge desert. As a youth, he joined the Camp Scouts and spent a lot of time exploring the wilderness. On a mountain trail, he befriended his first Pokemon, a Larvitar, and learned how the Pokemon in these harsh environments survived: teamwork. With the local Pokemon, he developed strategies utilizing multiple Pokemon working together on the field. When he turned, 18 Sam decided to travel the world, meet new trainers, and see how his team stood up. Sam’s long journey has taken him to PAX South.

Shake up his team in a triple battle to earn the Sandstorm Badge!


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PAX East 2017 Leader Applications Open Through January 4th!!!

Alola, Gym Leader hopefuls! Interested in volunteering to be a PAX Pokemon League Gym Leader at PAX East 2017? If so, you’re in luck!!!

We’re looking for gym leaders from all walks of life, from casual players to intense veterans. If you’re excited about having fun-focused battles with lots of people, we want you! Click the link and fill out an application!

Applications will only be open until January 4th! So get your application in ASAP! (And make sure you save your application URL so you can edit it later if you need to!

EDIT: Applications are closed and notices have been sent out!!! Thank you all for applying!!!


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The Hall of Fame for the PAX Pokemon League Australia 2016!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

League Champion: Aravinda!


sableye         ferrothorn      terrakion

“Trix”                                                                                 .

garchomp bisharp charizard-megay.gif

League Champion: Dylan “theheracrossguy”!


heracross.gif   miltank.gif           porygon2.gif

kingdra.gif zapdos.gif scizor-mega.gif


League Champion: Sam (double mewtwo kid)!



charizard.gif   electivire.gif

League Champion: Joey!

lopunny-megaazumarill.gif talonflame.gif


latias.gif greninja.gif gengar

League Champion: Ahria (Luna Rose)!


articuno.gif blaziken-f.gif      excadrill.gif

lopunny.gif     gengar.gif

League Champion: Harry!

roserade.gif      arcanine.gif    goodra.gif

“Rose bud”   “Rowdy”                            .

umbreon.gif          kingdra.gif       gardevoir-mega.gif

“Greed”                                                 .

League Champion: Morgan Morton!




League Champion: Snowfly!




League Champion: Michael!




“Alessio”        .

Thank you to our champions and to all those who participated!


We hope to see you again next year!

If you were a champion who’s team was not included, please email us at


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Thank you’s from the PPL Aus team!

A few quick thanks from the PPL Aus team to those who did some amazing work for us!

Firstly our wonderful trainer art was done by the amazing Tigerparadise!

We’d also like to thank former leader and this year’s trainer card designer Powalen!

Lastly but not leastly to Morganstern, our miraculous badge-designer extraordinaire!

Thank you to them for all their wonderful work!

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Champion, won’t you meet him? Hugh

Hugh, the Lucky Astronomer!


Hugh always dreamed of the discovering the mysteries behind stars. One night he saw a shooting star and wished that he could see a star up close. As it happened, the shooting star was actually a shiny Jirachi falling from space. And it heard Hugh’s wish….. and subsequently crashed through Hugh’s roof in the middle of the night. Hugh was astounded by little Jirachi and especially by it’s astonishing red colour. Jirachi brought more luck to Hugh as well; every Pokemon that came to be his assistant was shiny as well. Astounded by his luck, Hugh set off to study the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere with his shiny new friends.

Get lucky against Hugh and his shiny assistants to obtain the Wishing Badge.

The Wishing  Badge

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Rai and W.D. Gaster are our final two Elites!

Rai, the Fairy Man!


Rai lost his chance to become champion of the PPL this year after his sound defeat to Champion Hugh, but that hasn’t stopped him from securing a position in the Elite 6. Despite his appearances as an ordinary Pokemon Trainer, he is a man loved by the Fairies and is never seen without his trusted partner, Sylveon.

Don’t expect Rai to pull any punches in your double battle with him. He hates losing almost as much as he hates spicy food.

Overcome his versatile Fairies to pry the Pixie Badge out of his hands!

The Pixie Badge

W.D. Gaster, the Unmade!


To those who knew Doctor W.D. Gaster he was a scientist of unparalleled brilliance and skill. While the details of his accident remain sketchy, it is said that he fell into one of his own creations and was tragically scattered across space and time.

None can say what became of Gaster after that, but something is known for certain: a part of him came to be in the Hoenn Region! He developed an interest in Pokemon and their destructive capabilities. Using his vast knowledge of space and time he devised a team of powerful Pokemon that suited him, some were Pokemon from distant times, and others were Pokemon that had simply known darkness as he had since his accident.

Using these Pokemon and with help from the PPL he devised an experiment by which he could be supplied with almost limitless test subjects to fuel his research. The only condition being that he supplies a small trinket to any who’s Pokemon prove more destructive than his.

What could Doctor Gaster want with such information? Could he remain to this day a scientist in the pursuit of knowledge, or does his research spell disaster for the PPL? None can say, but, if you provide adequate test subjects to the strange doctor, then you might just find yourself a Wingdings Badge! But with this challenge, a warning echoes behind him: Beware the man who speaks in hands.

The Wingdings Badge

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Lucifer, Duke and Ash Ketchum himself; check out these fine Elites!

Lucifer, The Two-Faced One!


Lucifer is a trainer that always saw the hidden potential among Pokemon he found out in the wild. He was never fooled by appearances and just like his namesake, he knew that there was always a darker stronger side to every force. He was naturally drawn to normal types because they appeared to have no strength or dominance over any type of Pokemon but realized that it was just a camouflage that set a trap for oncoming challengers. His first badge was won against Brock solely by his trusty partner Dunsparce where it seemed like he was at a disadvantage it never mattered since Dunsparce’s roost and glare just made sure onyx never stood a chance and it was at that moment he knew that every Pokemon has unbelievable strength regardless of what it seemed like. He went on to use his plethora of underestimated and adorable normal type Pokemon to become a formidable gym leader who you must defeat to obtain the Two-Face Badge.

The Two-Face Badge

Duke, the Chance Master!


Once again setting forth from his homeland of Hoenn, the ever playful Duke has adventured his way across land and sea to Australia. Once again he has taken his place amongst the finest and craziest Poké-warriors of the PAX Pokemon league. Bringing forth his new friends, friends that have taken four generations of trading to gather, Duke would like to invite you to battle in merry abandon at the ultimate in luck based battles!
Come gamble your fate, take a chance, flip a coin … dovie’andi se tovya sagain!
Can you beat the odds and receive the Chance Badge?

The Chance Badge

Ash Ketchum, future Pokemon Master!



Ash Ketchum dreams of one day being a Pokemon Master, and ever since beginning his journey as a rookie trainer from Pallet Town, he has put all his energy into attaining his goal, and just took his first major step towards that dream by winning the Lumiose Conference, his first league victory since beginning his journey.
Ash believes in his Pokemon, treating them as equals, with his battling style emphasises unorthodox strategies tailored to his own Pokemon’s strengths, often at the expense of traditional type advantages.
His partner Pikachu is rarely away from his side, and the two have been travelling the world together, sharing their victories, learning from their losses, and building an unbreakable bond of friendship along the way.
Taking a chance for a well earned break after his Kalos League finals match, Ash has decided to visit the PAX Pokemon League before his next journey to the Alola region to see what the trainers there have to teach him.

Defeat the League’s youngest Leader to earn the Satoshi Badge.

The Satoshi Badge

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Prepare for Andy, Yoshua and our first Elite, Switch!

Andy, The Hyper Repairer!


After the final battle with Black hole, Andy and the other CO’s went back to their every day life. For Andy it was working as a mechanic, Working on the road took him to many new and exciting places all around the world.
When his journey finally ended at Castelia City, he decided that this was where he could help the most people and do the most work. Partnering up with his Kling and mangemite, Andy settled down to help everyone with any and all of their needs.
As time passed his reputation grew as a trusted friend and as a fearsome battler, Andi was offered the position of gym leader in the City which he took with great excitement.
Grind down Andy and his Impregnable Steel Pokemon and earn yourself the Upgrade Badge!

The Upgrade Badge

Yoshua, the Weird Scientist!


Yoshua use to be a scientist investigating ghost pokemon until a lab accident bound him and his friend Gengar. That’s when Yoshua left his lab to travel the world to show people the greatness of ghost pokemon through battle. Yoshua’s journey led him to Lavender town in the Kanto region were he helped people connect with the ghost pokemon in the area while also challenging any trainer who came through town. It was his work with connecting people and pokemon and his love of battling that drew the Pax Pokemon league to invite him to be a gym leader.
Defeat Yoshua to claim the Possession badge!

The Possession Badge

Switch, the Sorcerer of Shift!



Ousted from his comfortable Gym in Kanto, his friendly Pokemon slaughtered in battle by the brutal return of a triumpant Frank Underwood, a distraught Shift wandered the world alone. Cold and alone in a near frozen cave in northern Unova, huddling around a few sizzling Feebass cooking fireside, Shift contemplated the end. A shadowy shape slithered into the cavern and started playfully making shadow puppets on the wall. Laughing for the first time in months since the deaths of his old friends, Shift held out a pokeball for his new friend Ditto to join him. Shift realised that power is not everything, and that a smart trainer knowing how to change things can win over raw power. He started his quest as a born again pokemon trainer, making his way to Australia to train with the best, and then to eventually go home to Kanto and free his home from the Tyranny of President Frank.
Show Shift the power to change the world and you could wear your own Triple Triad badge with pride!

The Triple Triad Badge

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This Just In, PPLAUS has Plenty-O-Gym: Larry, B-Zero and Morty

Larry, the Layabout Loafer!

Larry had never been very motivated. If you were to ever ask Larry about his ideal weekend, holiday, or even his future, you’d get the same, simple answer. Larry loved nothing more than to stay at home playing games and watching T.V. You’d think that becoming a Pokemon trainer would change all that: fresh air, the great outdoors, plenty of exercise. That this would motivate Larry to explore the world, finding a hunger to learn and grow. You would be wrong. After all, what kind of Pokemon could such a person bond with? What kind of Pokemon would really understand him? Pokemon as lazy as him of course! His Pokemon spend more time napping and loafing than he does!
The question remains, why would such a person become a Gym Leader of the PPL? To spend all day with his lazy Pokemon, loafing around and waiting for challengers to come to him? What could be better for a lazy trainer?!
Rouse Larry his slumber and earn yourselves the Effort Badge!

The Effort Badge

B-Zero, the Ice Cold Killer!


As a lone street kid, his only companion a Snorunt, B-Zero had to fight for his life, learning street dances or break-dancing to impress the other gangs and pokemon battling to defend himself. Combining his quick wits from his dancing with the devastating offense of ice type pokemon, B-Zero quickly becomes a formidable pokemon battler, eventually travelling away from the streets of his hometown, venturing out to seek greater arenas and dance floors. With countless competitions, both dancing and Pokemon battling, under his belt, B-Zero has set his sights on the PAX Pokemon League for his next performance!
Defeat B-Zero to earn the chilling Absolute Zero Badge!

The Absolute Zero Badge

Morty, the Mystic Seer of the Future!



After being tired of facing trainers at his gym, Morty has traveled the globe to find new and exciting places to find worthy opponents. He now finds himself at PAX Australia where he will be fighting the toughest of opponents in exhilarating matches!
Do you have what it takes to go up against Johto’s former Ghost type Gym Leader and claim the Fog Badge?
The Fog Badge

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PPLAUS2016 Leader Bulletin: Johann, Mim and Dann

Johann, Frozen Master of the Dark Tides!


Johann can barely remember meeting Lapras, She had always been there by his side for as long as he can remember.
After many battles in the previous AUS PPL, Johann set out to train and improve his skills. On his journeys he came about a mysterious island found not on any map, covered in fog and radiating an evil aura. The young Lapras Laura tried in vain to stop Johann from approaching the island.
Hours later Johann awoke on a beach alone and with a throbbing headache. What had just happen? Where was he? Who was he? Standing up he instantly dropped to his knees as painful visions forced their way into his mind. “A battle?” Johann muttered to himself. A dark shadow waving a staff and speaking a language he didn’t understand, and a large blue and grey creature standing in-between. The shadow attacked and launched a ray of eerie purple light while the defending creature let loose a power beam of ice. The two beams colliding with such force that it caused a vortex of dark & light energy sucking all 3 of them into it. Feeling groggy, Johann rose to his feet and noticed a bag laying next to him. Inside were the the usual items a trainer might carry plus a few pokeballs and a bright coloured scarf. What did it all mean? Johann’s thoughts were interrupted as a mysterious figure approached. “Ah good your finally awake, come now we have to head to the PPL”
Johann can barely remember meeting Lapras, it was like she never existed..But she has always been there, and still is.
The worlds of light and darkness collide! Can you pierce the veil and receive The Mirror Soul Badge?
The Mirror Soul Badge

Mim, the Mini ‘Mon Master!


Growing up on Four Island, the smallest of the Sevii Islands, Mim’s choice in companion pokemon was always restricted, although never by species or type. With such little space available for both the inhabitants and the many visitors, the greatest concern was space. Height restrictions on local pokemon were strictly enforced to avoid overcrowding, not that Mim minded, she herself was never the tallest.
When she was old enough, Mim embarked upon her journey like any other trainer, but with a passion in her heart to prove that the small shouldn’t be underestimated so quickly. Travelling every continent, she soon assembled her team of small but powerful pokemon, ready to take on any challenge.
Hearing that a league of powerful trainers were recruiting, Mim jumped at the chance to prove the powerful things CAN come in small packages and that judging a pokemon by its size is great mistake.
Measure up to Mim’s team of fierce mini ‘mons to earn the Micro Badge.

The Micro Badge

Dann, the Shadow-Clad Punk!!



An orphan growing alone on the streets, Dann felt more comfortable hidden within the shadows, and away from prying eyes. He had nearly given up all hope, until he met his first shining beacon of friendship and hope, a lone Eevee (later evolved into Umbreon) scavenging scraps. With a newly lit fire (or shadowy flame), Dann challenged the Gym-leader establishment, and eventually solidified himself as the brutal punk of the Pokemon league.
Sway the champion of shade, and the Misama Badge shall be yours.

The Miasma badge

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