Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

League Champion: MrScaryMuffin

“Hydreigon” “Gardevoir” “Garchomp”
“Charizard” “Talonflame” “Aegislash”


League Champion: Xavier

“Togekiss” “Hitmontop” “Pinsir”
“Omastar” “Thundurus” “Metagross”


League Champion: Ehx

“Ninjask” “Scizor” “Gyarados”
“Gengar” “Salamence” “Heatran”


League Champion: Mike

“Charizard” “Chansey” “Togekiss”
“Blastoise” “Ferrothorn” “Garchomp”


League Champion: Yancy

No picture available
“Gengar” “Mienshao” “Talonflame”
“Aegislash” “Garchomp” “Blastoise”


League Champion: Kekeke

No picture available
“Rotom” “Gliscor” “Gyarados”
“Scizor” “Excadrill” “Talonflame”


League Champion: Kat

No picture available
“Breloom” “Mawile” “Gyarados”
“Heatran” “Haxorus” “Scizor”


League Champion: Wade

“Skarmory” “Greninja” “Tyranitar”
“Rotom” “Garchomp” “Florges”


League Champion: Stone

“Volcarona” “Venusaur” “Mawile”
“Sableye” “Donphan” “Infernape”


League Champion: Bulbasaurus

“Clefable” “Conkeldurr” “Mamoswine”
“Heatran” “Venusaur” “Thundurus”


League Champion: Ryan

“Hitmonchan” “Greninja” “Heatran”
“Entei” “Pinsir” “Garchomp”


League Champion: Steven

“Garchomp” “Rotom” “Mawile”
“Gengar” “Scizor” “Landorus”


League Champion: Jay

“Gengar” “Cloyster” “Dragonite”
“Ditto” “Blastoise” “Greninja”


Sprites courtesy of Pokestadium Sprite Searcher, except for X/Y sprites which are from
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally or something’s missing, leave a comment! If your picture is missing, send it to us! We’ll do our best to fix it!
Thank you for Playing! This is Prime 2014′s Final Post!


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PPL Prime Battle Videos!

Are you still missing PAX Prime? Do you wish you could relive the fun of the PPL all over again? Or just want to watch some Pokemon Battles? Well, thanks to a bunch of talented challengers, you’re in luck! Lots of cool people captured battles and experiences with the PPL at PAX Prime, and we want to highlight some of them! Check them out under the cut!

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Post Prime challenger survey!

Hello everyone!

As we’ve all had a few days to catch our breath after that amazing PAX Prime, we’d now like to ask those challengers that fought us at Prime take a few minutes to fill out our feedback survey. It should take only a few minutes of your time, 15 tops (if you’ve got lots of suggestions for future PPL activities). The google form can be found here.  The Leaders will be getting a survey of their own at the end of the day, too!

And always, if you have more feedback than that form can hold please email us at our official address, .  You can also check out our forums for details on each PAX PPL as they draw near!

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Prime Champion: Snorkus, the Mega Trainer!



Snorkus has always been able to use six mega Pokemon.  Because of this tremendous advantage he never lost a fight.  He soon became weary of fighting without challenge.  When he heard about the PAX Pokemon League the thought crept into his mind, “maybe one last tournament”.  Snorkus applied to become a leader, and the PPL was very happy to have him, though they requested that he only use one Mega to make things fair for the competitors.  That request caused outrage-how could Snorkus pick only one? He challenged the entire PPL at once to beat his six Megas on the condition that if they won he would use only one.  Finally after a 3 day long battle all of Snorkus’s Pokemon had fainted. Though, in recognition of his skill, the PPL made him the Battle Chateau Champion! Come test your strengths against Snorkus, the Mega Trainer and if you should win, you will be enshrined as one of PAX Prime’s Champions!

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Prime Elite: Thomas Roe, the Appliance Whisperer!



Thomas Roe was a high school dropout that was barely making ends meet by performing odd jobs here and there all around Sinnoh then spending the money at the Game Corner in Veilstone to try and turn a profit. Everything was working out as planned until the day he purchased a new phone from the Game Corner after hitting the jackpot – the phone had been possessed by a Rotom! Thomas with his extensive knowledge of electronics from his various odd jobs got along great with the Rotom, which he affectionately named Impulse after the decision to buy the phone in the first place. Through his various channels, Thomas discovered that the Battle Chateau could be a way to earn some serious cash and respect by having Impulse hack into the Chateau databases through trainers’ electronic ID devices, all under the guise of being just another trainer. Sitting pretty as an Elite Six member, he’s looking to flaunt his position a bit before making a break for it. Decode the mystery behind Thomas’ team and earn yourself the Digigeist Emblem!




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Prime Elite: Solmun, the Sun Warrior!



As a child in the isolated village of Lundar, north of Frost Cavern, Solmun got lost in a blizzard and followed a flickering light in to try to find his way home. The light turned out to be a Charmander that had been separated from its pack. Together, they rode out the storm by finding a cave by way of Charmander’s tail. Solmun realized the value of Pokemon and the help they can provide, choosing to dedicate his life to teaching this value to other trainers—a sentiment he shares with his wife, Spyra. After proving his worth to the Battle Chateau by defeating many challengers, he was invited to become an Elite Six member of the PAX Pokemon League. His sunny Pokemon can break through any storm, but if you can block him out, you’ll earn yourself the Daybreak Emblem.


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Prime Elite: Lt. Surge, the Lightning American!


Lt. Surge hails from North America, and was a member of Team Rocket in Kanto before they were defeated at the hands of Red and Gary Oak. Though he turned his attention back to his job in the Army (using his Electric-type Pokemon to scout enemy explosives from his squadron of jets) he never lost hope that one day Team Rocket would return to power. While deployed to Johto in 2013, Lt. Surge heard rumor that Team Rocket had taken over the PAX Pokemon League. He arrived too late, however, and all that was left was rumor and whisper that they were defeated by young heroes yet again. Lt. Surge decided to join the PPL in hopes of tracking down his old contacts, and he was promptly raised to the rank of Duke of the Elite Six for his work for the Army. Beat his master strategies and you can call the Thunder Badge your own!


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Prime Elite: Sidney, The Elite Punk!



Sidney was a delinquent who wandered Hoenn causing trouble and having battles with everyone he met. In his travels he encountered Steven, the reigning Champion of Hoenn, to whom he narrowly suffered his first defeat. Steven offered him a place on the Hoenn Elite Four, an offer which Sidney jumped at immediately because it would be the best place to have the toughest battles-something Sidney was searching for desperately. The Hoenn Pokemon League recently went under renovations, leaving Sidney without an outlet for his battling until November. In order to entertain himself, Sidney forced his way into the Elite Six at this year and is aiming to take on as many challengers as he can. Overpower his highly aggressive battling style and you can claim the Might Emblem.


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South: Applications for PPL South are officially closed!

We interrupt your Prime updates to post a notice that applications for PPL South are officially closed! Thank you to everyone who applied; the response was wonderful! We’ve reviewed applications and sent out decision emails! Check your inboxes!

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Prime Elite: Jose, the Duelist!



While all the other kids ran to their local Professor for their starter Pokemon and Pokedex, Jose went into the tall grass by himself, not heeding any warnings. He followed various trainers, watching them assemble full teams of six Pokemon on their various journeys and wondered, “Why train six at even levels when one good one would do the trick?” He searched every region until he found his perfect Pokemon. One training montage later, Jose is now sitting among the Elites of the PAX Pokemon League, he waits for you to challenge him with your single best Pokemon. Succeed in your duel and claim the Solitary Emblem as your prize!


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