Leader: Mawt, the Monster Movie Maniac!

MawtIf there was a League for popular culture, Mawt would be the Champion. He has an unrivaled obsession with movies and TV shows. His favourites are classic Japanese monster movies, and he dreams that one day he’ll be able to take on Pokéstar Studios and make one of his own. For now, he hones his team of Pokémon to replicate some of the most famous Monster Movies. Overcome his powerful Monsters to be awarded the Cinema Badge!

Cinema Badge

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Leader: Phil, the Gadget-loving Dweeb!

PhilAfter stumbling into what looked like an abandoned second-hand store, Phil found himself buying a dusty, hieroglyphed, handheld-Pachinko machine. Turns out several spirits were trapped inside! Thankfully not all of them were jerks, so Phil gave them a little extra room and spread them among the items from his Gym. Defeat Phil’s gang of mischievous anthropomorphisms to earn the Sigil Badge.Sigil Badge Sigil Badge (TILT)

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Leader: AGanoti, the Dragon’s Shield!

AGanotiAGanoti was born into a family of prisoners under the control of a small, tyrannical government. As prisoners, they relied on strong Pokémon to help them with their work mining and building for the rich. AGanoti always spent his time with steel-type Pokémon both on and off the job, until one day he broke free of his confinement with help from a mysterious dragon. Since that day, AGanoti has fought with his steel-type Pokemon, and his special dragon, seeking and exacting revenge against the ones who imprisoned him and his family. Seeking a challenge, he has traveled to the PAX Pokémon League. Show that you can penetrate the defenses AGanoti’s Steel-type Pokémon in order to gain the Dragon’s Shield Badge!

Dragon's Sheild Badge

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Leader: Kings, the Briny Biologist!

KingsHailing from the little town of Dewford in Hoenn, Kings always loved playing in the water with their Pokémon but it wasn’t until a school trip to Mossdeep’s Space Center that they fell in love with science. After that, Kings decided to travel the world with their best friends Eevee, Lapras and Psyduck to discover new water-type Pokémon. After many years of traveling, Kings arrived in Ambrette Town. While working in the fossil lab there, they found a Clover Fossil and brought a Tirtouga back to life. Kings loved Ambrette Town and couldn’t bring themself to leave, so they decided to settle there and put together the Ambrette Aquarium, filling it with the water types they found from around the world. Make some waves and show your skills as a trainer to win the Bubble Badge!Bubble Badge

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Leader: Priam, Leader of the Swarm!


Like most Pokemon trainers, Priam began his journey at a young age, leaving his home town of Viridian City to realise his dreams. During his travels, he developed an interest in Bug-type Pokémon. He admired their variety, their uniqueness. In particular he was awed by their movements: flying, crawling, fighting, all as one. Many individuals participating in a single, vast swarm, each Pokémon affecting those around it as they attack in unison. Priam came to believe that the flap of a Beautifly’s wings on one side of the field can turn the tide on the other.

Using his team of Bug types, trained for high speed and all-out attacking, he eventually ascended the ranks to become a Gym Leader. Only those who can endure Priam’s insects are presented with the Swarm Badge for theirefforts.

Swarm Badge

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Leader: Professor Fern, the Absent-Minded Researcher!

Professor FernHailing from his lab in a remote corner of the Orre region, Professor Fern is a rather eccentric soul. While he is one of the premier Pokémon researchers in the region, he has the attention span of a Skitty and has been known to change projects mid-experiment. Upon hearing of a new Pokémon League opening in the city of Melbourne, he bundled up the electric-type Pokémon he was currently researching and set off to see what new discoveries were to be found, pausing only to put his coat on the right way around. Withstand Fern’s electrifying blasts to claim the Epiphany Badge!

Epiphany Badge

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PPL Australia: Episode 2

Episode 2 of the PAX Pokemon League Australia Podcast is up! Check it out here!

Produced by and starring the always-verdant Professor Fern, and this week featuring PPL Aus administrator Phil (again) and gym leader BurritoLite!

As a side note: GYM LEADERS START GOING UP TOMORROW! So don’t wander off!

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PPL Australia: Episode 1

If you’re interested in getting a sneak-peak at the first ever PAX Pokemon League Aus, wrap your ears around this!

Produced by and starring our very own Professor Fern, and a big thanks to AGanoti!

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Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

League Champion: MrScaryMuffin

“Hydreigon” “Gardevoir” “Garchomp”
“Charizard” “Talonflame” “Aegislash”


League Champion: Xavier

“Togekiss” “Hitmontop” “Pinsir”
“Omastar” “Thundurus” “Metagross”


League Champion: Ehx

“Ninjask” “Scizor” “Gyarados”
“Gengar” “Salamence” “Heatran”


League Champion: Mike

“Charizard” “Chansey” “Togekiss”
“Blastoise” “Ferrothorn” “Garchomp”


League Champion: Yancy

No picture available
“Gengar” “Mienshao” “Talonflame”
“Aegislash” “Garchomp” “Blastoise”


League Champion: Kekeke

No picture available
“Rotom” “Gliscor” “Gyarados”
“Scizor” “Excadrill” “Talonflame”


League Champion: Kat

No picture available
“Breloom” “Mawile” “Gyarados”
“Heatran” “Haxorus” “Scizor”


League Champion: Wade

“Skarmory” “Greninja” “Tyranitar”
“Rotom” “Garchomp” “Florges”


League Champion: Stone

“Volcarona” “Venusaur” “Mawile”
“Sableye” “Donphan” “Infernape”


League Champion: Bulbasaurus

“Clefable” “Conkeldurr” “Mamoswine”
“Heatran” “Venusaur” “Thundurus”


League Champion: Ryan

“Hitmonchan” “Greninja” “Heatran”
“Entei” “Pinsir” “Garchomp”


League Champion: Steven

“Garchomp” “Rotom” “Mawile”
“Gengar” “Scizor” “Landorus”


League Champion: Jay

“Gengar” “Cloyster” “Dragonite”
“Ditto” “Blastoise” “Greninja”


Sprites courtesy of Pokestadium Sprite Searcher, except for X/Y sprites which are from www.pkparaiso.com
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally or something’s missing, leave a comment! If your picture is missing, send it to us! We’ll do our best to fix it!
Thank you for Playing! This is Prime 2014′s Final Post!


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PPL Prime Battle Videos!

Are you still missing PAX Prime? Do you wish you could relive the fun of the PPL all over again? Or just want to watch some Pokemon Battles? Well, thanks to a bunch of talented challengers, you’re in luck! Lots of cool people captured battles and experiences with the PPL at PAX Prime, and we want to highlight some of them! Check them out under the cut!

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