Prime Leader: Professor Pine, the Pokemon Researcher!



A Pokemon professor by trade, Professor Pine has spent many years training and researching Pokemon. Professor Pine’s research mostly focuses on Pokemon that adapt to live outside of their typical environmental niche, such as the Crystal Onix that was discovered in Sunburst Island, as well as the Pokemon of Pinkan Island. In his breaks from research, Professor Pine enjoys staying in touch with modern day trainers, and thus founded the PAX Pokemon League. Its from these expansive travels that he’s learned most of all that Pokemon are great at cooperation. From that principle he built his triple battling team from Pokemon that’s he’s received from fellow Professors all around the world. Show the League’s resident professor what you’ve got and you can earn the Fundamentals Badge.


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Prime Leader: Nylea, the Goddess of the Hunt!



A goddess of the hunt hailing from a faraway place said to cross space and time itself, Nylea has taken a mortal guise to challenge the Trainers of PAX Prime to combat. Tamed by her own hand, her team of Forest Pokemon protect their new master with tooth and nail. Nylea wants to prove the folly of those who reject the call of the wild – can you beat the God of the Hunt at double battles and prove the tenacity and courage of the mortal race? If you can, you’ll earn yourself the Devotion Badge.


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Prime Leader: Dipper Pines, the Mystery Boy!


Originally from Gravity Falls, Oregon, Dipper fell into a bottomless pit and arrived in a strange new world filled with strange new creatures called “Pokemon”. With his propensity for mystery-solving, Dipper had an easy time befriending a group of strange and unusual Ghost-type Pokemon, who want to help him on his journey the best they can. Hearing of a great gathering of powerful trainers, Dipper set out for the PAX Pokemon League in the hopes of learning what he needs to get back home. Though his first priority is finding answers, he’s not too busy to turn down a Pokemon battle. Find the truth behind his tricky team and the Mystery Badge will be yours.



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Prime Leader: Jericho, the Arctic Explorer!



From a young age Jericho loved to explore and would often be seen with his trusty Prinplup in the snow drifts that surrounded his home town of Snowpoint City. Eventually he bought an old icebreaker and let his wanderlust take him into the uncharted waters of the northern seas. For years he sailed, mapped, and trained in these harsh winter conditions only stopping to resupply and mail his maps to the Cartographic Society. While docking in Seattle he received a letter from the Battle Chateau asking him to join their ranks. With a smug grin he accepted the proposition and proudly marched into the PAX Pokemon League where he plans to show these summer children why the cold should still bother them.
Manage to defeat this veteran of the sea and the Exploration Badge shall be yours.


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PAX South 2015 Applications are Open!!!

What’s that kicking up dust in the distance??? It’s a new PPL!!! PPL is expanding YET AGAIN to PAX South!!!


If you’re interested in being a PPL gym leader at PAX South, visit the PPL forums to find out how to submit an application! Note that we’re only going to do a PPL at South if enough gym leaders are interested… so this is your chance to have a really big impact on a new member of the PPL (and PAX) family!

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PAX Prime Pokemon League Gym Leaders are chosen!

Check your emails everyone!  There’s much to do, and 87 days to get ready!  Everyone should have gotten an email (and for those we still need information from, you have 24 hours to do so!).


Congratulations to everyone logging in with a blue name!  Lets make this Prime the best yet. :D

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PAX Aus 2014 Applications are Open!

Prepare for trouble, and make it double. Double PAX Pokemon League that is!

PAX Aus 2014 will see the PPL train roll into Southern Cross Station this Halloween, and I cordially invite you to participate!

Please make an account on the PPL forums to get involved and hit up the official PPL Aus Gym Leader Application Form if participating in the inaugural PPL Aus sounds like something that you might be into.

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Going to PAX AUS?



This will be the first outing for the PAX Pokémon League in Australia! Keep a look out here for when applications for AUS Gym Leaders will open and join us in battling the hundreds of challengers of varying levels that try to prove themselves in order to earn badges and achieve fame!

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PAX Prime 2014 Applications are open!

Quite the invitation!

Quite the invitation!


The Battle Chateau would like to cordially invite both challengers and Gym Leaders alike to this year’s PAX Prime. Our facilities will be equipped with the most the Prime handheld lounge has to offer. Should you find yourself so inclined, you may take up a position as one of our honored Dukes and Duchesses.

PAX Prime 2014 Leader applications are live! As you may have guessed, the Battle Chateau is kindly hosting our league this year. You saw their fine establishment cater to trainers from across Kalos in Pokémon X and Y. We welcome them, and you, to this year’s Prime PPL. Check out the link to the *Leader applications* on our forums!

Link to the forums here!


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Prepare for Prime!

That’s right, Poké-fans! PPL Prime 2014 is starting to take shape! This means you should start prepping your teams for battle! Or, if you’re planning to apply to be a Prime 2014 gym leader, then you should start thinking about what kind of GL you want to be! We’re really excited to introduce you to the Researchers that will be leading Prime, and i know you will all love what they have in store for you!


Also, PPL *AUS*? Could this really be true? For those of you attending PAX AUS that want to participate in PPL, join our forums and start talking about it! We’ll also be accepting Gym leader applications as we get closer and closer to that convention!


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