Leaders: Will and Celeste, the Loud and Sleepy Sensations, Zoe, the Delinquent City Slicker, and Mizu, the Dragon Writer!

Will and Celeste, the Loud and Sleepy Sensations!

Will and Celeste

Celeste’s Strategy: Let’s get this over with…I have a nap to get back to…
Trainer’s Pokémon: More awake than I am…
Trainer’s Message: 5 more minutes, please….


The WAKE UP! Badge (Will and Celeste)

Celeste: We’ll give you our badge if you can beat us…zzz….

Zoe, the Delinquent City Slicker!


Strategy: Stomp ‘em all to the curb!
Trainer’s Pokemon: Only the toughest Pokémon in the city can be on my team capiche!?
Trainer’s Message: Imma make you wish you changed subway cars!

The Boroughs Badge (Zoe)

Show you have what it takes to survive the hard city streets and earn the Boroughs Badge!

Mizu, the Dragon Writer!


Strategy: Hit fast and hard with my powerful dragons!
Favorite Pokémon: Dragons from all the regions
Trainer message: Every battle is a story! Will yours end in defeat, or continue on in victory?

The Fantasy Badge (Mizu)

Write your own story of victory to earn the Fantasy Badge!

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Leaders: Nyankokimi, the PPL Researcher, Scott, the Legendary Breeder, and Grunts A and B, the Team Skull Grunts!

Nyankokimi, the PPL Researcher!


Strategy: Evolution is not always the solution if you’re going to win.
Trainer’s Pokemon: I want to see how well-trained your unevolved Pokémon are!
Trainer’s Message: Show me what you’ve got!

The LittleCup Badge (Nyankokimi)

Prove that your smallest Pokemon put up the toughest fight to earn the Little Cup Badge!

Scott, the Legendary Breeder!


Strategy: Breed, breed, breed .
Trainer’s Pokémon: Perfectly bred .
Trainer’s Message: It’s like a total mystery where it came from, but you want the egg your Pokemon was holding, right?

The Breeder Badge (Scott)

Prove that your Pokemon raising skills are second to none and claim the Breeder badge!!

Grunts A and B, the Team Skull Grunts!

mehnit and assumptionprime

Strategy: Its a two grunt attack! We got no chill, yo!
Trainers’ Pokemon: Bad, bad Pokemon all up in your grill, yo!
Trainer’s Message: Best be ready, yo, to put up your skill, yo! We’ll beat you back down cause we’re too ill, yo!

The A and B Boi Badge (Mehnit and Russell)

Lay down a fresh beat-down to swipe the A and B Boi Badge!

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Leaders: Blaine, the Hotheaded Quiz Master, Games Dean, the RNG Master, and Miyuki, the Snow Sprite!

Blaine, the Hotheaded Quiz Master!


Strategy: Burn all challengers to ashes with powerful offense!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My fiery Pokémon incinerate all challengers!
Trainer’s Message: Ha! You’d better have Burn Heal!

The Volcano Badge (Blaine)

Withstand the intense heat of Blaine’s spirit to earn the Volcano Badge!

Games Dean, the RNG Master!

games dean

Strategy: Everything is strategy, but can luck throw you off?
Trainer’s Pokemon: The best games are running on electricity these days, and so are my Pokémon.
Trainer’s Message: So, are you game?

The Chance Badge (Games Dean)

Dance with the devil in the pale moon light to earn the Chance Badge!

Miyuki, the Snow Sprite!


Strategy: I utilize speed and atmosphere to gain the edge in offense.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Chill ice Pokémon with unexpected type-moves.
Trainer’s Message: I’ll blanket the earth in a sparkling frozen glaze.

The Ice Cream Badge (Miyuki)

Prove you’re chill enough to claim the IceCream badge!

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Leaders: Nick Ashtear, the Field Researcher, Roberto, the Fey-Fond Prince, and Teomessos, the Spectral Dungeon Master!

Nick Ashtear, the Field Researcher!


Strategy: Life is all about choices. Let’s see what yours will be!
Pokémon : My Pokémon have all realized their dreams.
Trainer’s Message: Win or lose, every experience brings you closer to your potential.

The Potential Badge (Nick Astear)

Eevee-n you can evolve and earn the Potential Badge!

Roberto, the Fey-Fond Prince!


Strategy: Win or lose, I plan on making the most of our time together.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Only the most charming fairy Pokémon can fight at my side!
Trainer’s Message: The biggest gala of the year? Of course I’d be here! Be prepared for the dance of a lifetime!

The Ballroom Badge (Roberto)

If you can keep step with this trainer’s team, you’ll waltz your way to the Ballroom Badge!

Teomessos, the Spectral Dungeon Master!


Strategy: Like any good dungeon crawl, I have traps to trip, walls to break, and monsters to fight.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Frightening fiends to stop adventurers from taking my loot!
Trainers Message: Roll for initiative!

The +1 Badge (Teomessos)

Complete his campaign to earn the +1 Badge!

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The PAX Pokemon League South 2017 Hall of Fame!!!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

League Champion: Sean Liguez


landorus-therian azumarill clefable
ferrothorn charizard garchomp


League Champion: Stephen S.


mismagius metagross greninja
ditto araquanid xurkitree

League Champion: Skeith


charizard blissey rotom-wash
flygon ninetales-alola hitmontop

League Champion: SheepMatty


serperior talonflame garchomp
greninja lucario lopunny

League Champion: (>^w^)>


cloyster kingdra metagross
dragonite chandelure galvantula

League Champion: Krystle


politoed tornadus-therian toxicroak
kabutops swampert ferrothorn

League Champion: Gabriel C.


umbreon mismagius drapion
gallade slowking eelektross

League Champion: Darian Henderson


nidoking aerodactyl tyranitar
dragonite archeops ferrothorn

League Champion: Aaron Villanueva0129171957

buzzwole incineroar kommo-o
mimikyu silvally sylveon


League Champion: Zoie


mew kangaskhan blissey
typhlosion thundurus blastoise

Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally or something’s missing, leave a comment and we’ll fix it! This is the last post from PPL South 2017!  Thank you for playing!

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Help Us Improve the PPL! South 2017 Challenger Survey!


Hey there, trainer! Did you test your mettle against the PAX Pokemon League at PAX South 2017?

Then help us out by answering a few questions in our challenger survey!

We’ll use your feedback to help improve the PPL at future PAXes!

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Take On the PPL South Island Challenge!

Alola! The PAX Pokemon League South is still using Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for most of our battles, but everyone’s eyes are on Alola for some fun in the sun!

To get in the spirit, we’re announcing the Hoenn/Alola Exchange program! We’re letting trainers experience Alolan culture right here at PAX South with our very own Island Challenge! Stop by our table in the Diversity Lounge to get your trial sheet and start tackling the trials! Complete enough trials to get your Island Trial Pin to be eligible for a special Pokemon hat raffle each night!


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Trainers Cards, Raffles, and Meetups! More Info for Your PPL South Journey!

Trainer-Cards-Promo17If you’re challenging the PPL at PAX South, be sure to grab a Trainer Card! It comes with a list of leaders, Handheld Lounge meetup times, raffle times, and a summary of what you need to do to be the very best, like no one ever was! You can grab a Trainer Card from any Gym Leader, or our booth in the Diversity Lounge!

What’s this about Raffles? Every night of PAX, we’ll be holding a raffle for special Pokemon themed prizes! Anyone with at least two badges can enter the raffle each night.

Need help getting that second badge for the Raffle? Perhaps that eighth badge to start fighting the Elites? Maybe your brain can help you out by netting you the Pokémaniac Badge! Prove your Pokémon knowledge at the PPL booth in the Diversity Lounge to snag this unique badge! Be sure to pin it tight, or keep it in a bag!


And if you want to add the PPL’s meetup times to your calendar now, so you don’t forget, here they are!

In the Handheld Lounge:
Friday: 11am and 4pm
Saturday: 11am and 3pm
Sunday: 2pm

Champion Showcase:
Sunday, 6:30pm, at the Grand Hyatt Lobby

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The South 2017 Champion Revealed!

Roy G. Biv, the Colorful Character!

Roy G. Biv

They say that if you reach the end of a rainbow you’ll find a pot of gold, but what about the start of one? The legend goes that a dull-looking trainer named Roy was scaling the Tin Tower’s rooftops when he slipped on a loose shingle and began to fall. As he fell, he saw a vision of Ho-oh, the Rainbow Pokemon, and somehow landed on the leaf-covered path unharmed. When Roy looked around, he now saw the world in new hues that he never knew existed! It was in that instant that he knew that he would gather a colorful cast of Pokemon to join him on his journey to become the best trainer around. The legend then goes on to say that the start of a rainbow appears when Roy is having a heated battle with a challenger.

Defeat Roy to forge your own legend and enter the PAX Pokemon League Hall of Fame!

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The Elites are here! South 2017 Elite Six REVEALED!

Corporal Surge, the Static Soldier!

Corporal Surge

Growing up in Vermillion City, Surge’s love for electric type Pokemon started at an early age. Watching his father battle in the Vermillion Gym, he learned the skills, discipline, and strategies necessary to harness electric power. His father always wanted Surge to follow in his footsteps as a soldier. When he was old enough, Surge enlisted with his partner Magnemite. After graduating from the academy, Surge quickly rose through the ranks, showing of the prowess and discipline he cultivated in his youth. He one day hopes to surpass his father, who has been his biggest inspiration!

Drill your Pokemon in battle with Surge and earn the Storm Strike Emblem!


Emre, the Ice Ice Baby Leader!


Emre was born and raised in tropical Alola. Unable to take the warm weather, Emre always had his ice Pokemon around to keep him cool. His bond with ice types gave him a desire to become an ice master, and so Emre traveled the world to capture and raise the coldest Pokemon. He learned from many powerful ice type trainers including Pryce, Wulfric, and Candice. After many close calls with frostbite, Emre finally managed to gain control of the cold. Now he’s at South to prove himself as a master of ice Pokemon.

Withstand Emre’s chill to earn the Vanilla Emblem!


Dell, the Double Bladed Master!


After mastering every sword he picked up, Dell traveled the world in search of something greater. He discovered Pokémon. Pokemon that had sharp instincts and brute power that fought in ways that inspired him. These Pokémon could defend while attacking and attacked with power to crush defenses. They were dual wielders, and with this revelation, Dell vowed to never fight with only one sword again. Just like his new style, he only trained Pokémon capable of following and furthering his new philosophy. Soon after he became known as Double D the Dual Wielding Master, capable defeating any opponent.

Fend off his one-two attack to earn the Double D Emblem!


Clash, the Master of Combat!


Ever since he was a young boy, Clash has trained in the art of combat. With the help of his best friend Lucario and the mentoring of Elite Four member Bruno, he has mastered the martial arts, and the fighting type Pokemon that practice them. His Pokemon will deal an all-out pummeling, so be prepared to withstand the onslaught!

Show that the student can surpass the master and earn the Randori Emblem!


Chance Gamble, the Game Corner Exec!

Chance Gamble

Chance Gamble always takes advantage of an opportunity when the odds are in his favor. He rose to prominence through the ranks of Team Rocket by running their Celadon City Game corner. After achieving unprecedented profits, he was granted control of the Goldenrod Game Corner as well. After the fall of Team Rocket, Mr. Gamble skillfully avoided association with the disreputable gang and was granted full ownership of the Game Corners. He was even asked to manage the struggling Veilstone Game Corner by Team Galactic. Do you take your chances to try to beat The House or will you fall into Gamble’s Ruin?

Buy another spin to win the All-in Emblem!


Model 404, the Eliminator Android!

Model 404

In the not too distant future, the world has been devastated by the war between human Pokémon trainers and the machine Pokémon trainers. The Series P-800 Model 404 was built by the machines and sent back in time to eliminate rising Pokémon trainers in a bid to win the war before it begins. Wielding an arsenal of Steel-type Pokemon, Model 404 has come to San Antonio in 2017 to eliminate the challengers of the PAX Pokemon League!

Resist the rise of the machines to earn the Microprocessor Emblem!


Are you ready to meet and defeat the Elite? Stay tuned tomorrow for the Champion and more League activities!

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