Bolin, the Pro Earthbender Enters the Ring!

Bolin, the Pro Earthbender


Bolin has a background in pro-earthbending, but is relatively inexperienced at Pokemon battling. His choice in Pokemon reflect his earth and lavabending abilities. You’ll be between rocks and a hard place when you go up against this leader! Dodge the rocks and lava and you’ll earn yourself the Earthbending Badge!


Earthbending Badge

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Alt. Palette Mina, The Painter Captain makes her debut!

Alt. Palette Mina, The Painter Captain

You may have already shown me your Pokemon might on Route 8 or on the Poni Gauntlet. Honestly though, battling isn’t my game, but drawing IS. So my challenge is a little bit different this time. Instead of ignoring you for art, I want you to make me art. Brush up on your art skills and be prepare to show me your best work! Pass Mina’s drawing challenge, with your art chops to earn the Crayon Pikachu Badge!

Crayon Pikachu Badge 

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Introducing the First Leader of PAX West 2017: Surface Cat, the Curious and Tricky!

Surface Cat, the Curious and Tricky!

Surface Cat was born in a back alley in Nagano, Japan. She grew up snowboarding in Hakuba and was raised by snow monkeys. She loves to go in hot springs (Onsen). One day, she was chilling in the onsen and in jumped Lucario who introduced her to the world of Pokemon. With Lucario, she developed a knowledge of traditional fighting tactics and worked with Lucario and other Pokemon to develop sophisticated battle moves. Her easy-going nature attracts a wide variety of Pokemon who are willing to fight for her. 

It might take nine lives to defeat Surface Cat and gain the Aura Badge!

The Aura Badge

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PAX South 2018 Gym Leader Applications are OPEN!

Applications to be a Gym Leader for the PAX Pokemon League at PAX South 2018 are OPEN!

If you like battling and interacting with other Pokemon trainers, then hit up the application page to join the ranks of the PAX Pokemon League! We want leaders of all types and skill levels! The PPL welcomes all!

Applications will close midnight, September 8th!

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The Hall of Fame for the PAX Pokemon League East 2017!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

(Note: we had some trouble collecting teams this year, and not everybody got the link to the Hall of Fame survey. So this year’s results are incomplete, and some team names may be mixed up/missing nicknames/details. We’re really sorry about that! Champs, if you’d like to get your teams corrected, send us an email at paxpokemonleague at gmail, or leave a comment on this post, and we’ll get things sorted out!)

League Champion: Marcus

“Electivire” “Garchomp” “Persian”
“Tsareena” “Ninetales” “Scizor”


League Champion: Pending

“Tapu Koko” “Gengar” “Conkeldurr”
“Metagross” “Ferrothorn” “Gliscor”


League Champion: Nola

“Incineroar” “Meganium” “Raichu”
“Cresselia” “Lapras” “Pinsir”


League Champion: Scott

“Golisopod” “Nidoking” “Espeon”
“Togekiss” “Arcanine” “Tyrantrum”


League Champion: SandstormS

“Eelektross” “Skarmory” “Venusaur”
“Infernape” “Mismagius” “Volcarona”


League Champion: Chris

“Venusaur” “Leafeon” “Mismagius”
“Jolteon” “Metagross” “Gardevoir”


League Champion: ksu

“Rotom-Wash” “Pinsir” “Landorus-Therian”
“Scizor” “Azumarill” “Gardevoir”


League Champion: Ramon

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Chris

“Gliscor” “Salamence” “Emolga”
“Mantine” “Staraptor” “Decidueye”


League Champion: Epitaph

“Mag” “Echo” “Hymn”
“Decidueye” “Mimikyu”


League Champion: Sam

“Salamence” “Ferrothorn” “Rotom-Wash”
“Galvantula” “Scizor” “Tapu Koko”


League Champion: Alex

“Kangaskhan” “Gengar” “Porygon2”
“Heatran” “Gliscor” “Tapu Lele”


League Champion: Ken

“Karlyn” “Bernie” “Urza”
“Elizabeth I” “Kid Buu” “Minsc”


League Champion: Kitsoon

“Hero” “Desmini” “Onca”
“Argentum” “Decidueye” “Bayss”


League Champion: Brad

“Tapu Koko” “Scizor” “Pelipper”
“Marowak” “Raichu” “Kingdra”


League Champion: Maryanne

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Alex

“Salazzle” “Mudsdale” “Incineroar”
“Toxapex” “Mimikyu” “Vikavolt”


League Champion: Henry

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Wolf

“Chambers” “Beta” “Tyran”
“Icarus” “Shade” “Gaige”


League Champion: Toyou321

“Big_Blue” “Nina” “Arc”
“Sally” “Magnito” “Mandi”


League Champion: Scott

“Gengar” “Garchomp” “Tyranitar”
“Klefki” “Starmie” “Scizor”


Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally (there are several of you who we did not get hall of fame entries for!) or something’s wrong (I think a few of teams got mixed up), leave a comment or send an email to paxpokemonleague at gmail dot com! I (Propriety) will fix it! SERIOUSLY please let me know!
Thank you for Playing! This is East 2017’s Final Post!

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Applications for PPL West 2017 Gym Leaders is now open!

Hello all aspiring gym leaders! Now is your chance to sign up and become a Gym Leader for the West 2017 cycle! We will have applications open until June 1st and will send out confirmation emails starting on June 2nd. I know that tickets aren’t released yet for West 2017 but unfortunately due to the time constraints we have to keep things going. We are so excited to see what everyone comes up with this year!

Link to the application is HERE

If you have any questions feel free to contact either Frances or Ryan on the forums.

For a quick response feel free to email me at


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PAX Aus 2017 Leader Applications Open Through May 4th

We like to get PPL Aus 2017 rolling as soon as possible because it’s something we’re passionate about, but to do it well we need you!

Applications will be open from now until May 4, so you’ll have a month plus to fill in your Gym Leader Application and be considered a PAX Pokemon Gym Leader for PPL Aus 2017. We look forward to reading everyone’s submissions and good luck!

Get em while they’re hot! PAX Aus 2017 Applications page is live!

If you have any questions we hang out over Facebook Page, email us, or private message philomglol or snowyalice on the PPL Forums.

Your Admin, Phil

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Introducing the Four Horsemen of the PAX Pokemon League!

Alexander has assembled a group of trainers and is calling out the Challengers of the PAX Pokémon League. Check out his message and find out how you can prove your excellence in battle!

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Your Champion: Oceanus, the Beach-bum Professor!

Oceanus, the Beach-bum Professor!


Strategy: Lull you into a sense of false security, then watch you fight the undertow
Trainer’s Pokémon: The reasons you don’t go past knee deep water
Trainer’s message: When it comes down to it, are you willing to take on the world’s most powerful water Pokemon master?

Defeat the champion to earn your spot on the PAX Pokemon League Hall of Fame!

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Elite 8: Becker, the Bug-stashing Steward, Volcanus, the Fire Mage, Anthony, the Mad Hatter, and Guzma, Destruction in its Human form!

Becker, the Bug-stashing Steward!


Strategy: To train my Pokemon secretly while the sailors are onshore, and keep them hidden while everyone’s here!
Trainer’s Pokemon: Six Bug-type Pokemon from the Melemele Island coastline who wandered onto my ship one day.
Trainer’s Message: My Pokemon have a knack for cooking and cleaning the ship, but also for battling! Don’t underestimate me just because I’m not a sailor!

The Steward's Emblem (Becker)

Show Becker how well you and your Pokemon work together to earn the Steward’s Emblem!

Volcanus, the Fire Mage!


Strategy: Magic so good that it burns.
Trainer’s Pokémon: The hottest magicians.
Trainer’s Message: Creating a big blaze from a tiny ember, that’s magic!

The Incindio Emblem (Volcanus)

Outfox the display of magic to earn the Incindio badge

Anthony, the Mad Hatter!


Strategy: The Best Defense is a Good Offense!
Trainer’s Pokemon: Uses many Pokemon that resemble creatures of Wonderland
Trainer’s Message: Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

The Insanity Emblem (Anthony)

Conquer the Mad Tea Party and earn The Insanity Badge!

Guzma, Destruction in its Human form!


Strategy: “You’re gonna bug out once you realize there ain’t no strategy that’s gonna help you win!”
Trainers Pokemon: “Strong Pokemon like these are only found in the darkest of places!”
Trainers Message: “Give it up, chump! Ain’t no one ever gonna beat your boy Guzma! I’ll come at you with my full strength!!!”

The Team Skull Takeover Emblem (Guzma)

Show me what you can do, and maybe I’ll let you join my squad with a Team Skull Takeover Emblem!

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