Leader: Chillian, the Fire Master from Legend!

ChillianBefore the Pokéball, before the Pokédex, before technology as we know it today existed, Pokémon were not caught; they were befriended. The bonds of friendship were what tied Humans and Pokémon together, not cages. In this age long since past, there were ‘The Four’. These Champions, who represented the 4 main types of discovered Pokémon (Water, Grass, Fire, and Electric) were the Ultimate test for people who held the power of Pokémon. Their skill level was beyond comprehension; their bonds with their Pokémon, unrivaled. Humans would challenge these Four in hope to obtain the greatest Merit given: the Title of Loyalty.

Chillian, the Master of Flame, was no exception to the Legend of The Four. His fierce battling strategy was feared by many, and his warm heart loved by many more.The Dogs of War, his pride and joy, reflect both of Chillian’s core values: they are both ferocious battlers and the loyal companions. Demonstrate your bond with your Pokemon to Chillian and be awarded the Loyalty Badge!

Loyalty Badge

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