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Time to meet our Champion for Aus 2017, Rai the Rain Guy!

With PAXAUS starting tomorrow, there’s only one secret left to unveil, and that’s your new Champion for 2017! And one final reminder to stop by the HandHeld Lounge where the PPL is most plentiful, especially during Leader Swarms, occurring 2pm daily!

Rai, the Rain Guy

After his defeat to Champion Hugh last year, Rai was looking forward to a revenge match with the title of Champion once again at stake. However, Hugh mysteriously disappeared from the country after the conclusion of PAX last year. Rai sailed the seven seas in search of him, but to no avail. With a stormy cloud in his heart, he dons the Champion title this year and awaits the day he can meet Hugh again in battle.

Until then, it’d be up to you guys to distract Rai from his troubles with an exciting Double Battle! Defeat his newly acquired Water Pokémon, and the Rain Badge will slip out of his hands into yours… as well as the opportunity to obtain the Secret Rain Badge!?

Secret Rain Badge

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Beware Challengers, Sith stalk the halls

Darth Nihilus, Lord of Hunger

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Darth Nihilus was a Sith Lord, the Dark Lord of Hunger. He fed on the Force, draining the life from entire planets, such was his power. But even the greatest of Sith fall. Consumed by his hunger, Darth Nihilus was defeated. But he did not die. The wound in the Force was so great, that Darth Nihilus fell through it, to a new universe. One filled with strange creatures called Pokemon. Now he has a team of new apprentices. Apprentices he has taught his Hunger. Taught them to feed. Taught them to drain the life of those they face in combat. How can you win, when your opponent takes your life to replenish their own?

The Hunger Badge is the Badge you are looking for.

Hunger Badge

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Introducing Kirky, the Quicky Archeologist and Green, the Obvious Fake

PPLAUS is a scant few days away! Want another peek at what we have in store for you this year? Look no further

Kirky, the Quirky Archaeologist

Kirky’s origin is mostly unknown, seemingly even to himself as he will regularly change his backstory when asked. He is currently based in Australia attempting to prove his wild conspiracy theories through his background in archeology and for this reason has structured his team both for fierce combat and assisting him in surviving harsh wasteland environments. While he isn’t much of a people person due to his isolated nature, he will never turn down a Pokemon battle. Approach with caution and be prepared.

Battle in the harsh conditions that seem to follow him to earn the Fissure Badge!

Fissure Badge


Green, the Obvious Fake

Green was raised among a family of performing mimic trainers but left in shame as he wasn’t so good at the mimicry always get the details wrong. So he started his Pokémon journey to perfect his team and his mimicry skills. Despite everyone seeing through his disguises Green became a great trainer and then Gym Leader. Now Green has come to PAX Australia to see if he can fool unsuspecting trainers.

If you can spot and defeat the fake you’ll receive the Counterfeit Badge!

Counterfeit Badge

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More Gym Leaders?? More?! More!!

Why we’ve got so many Leaders you’ll be wondering when the Victory Road will finish being built in Victoria. Time to fully introduce two young and coming Gym Leaders, Charlie and Wyvern!

Charlie, The Cheerful Chu Companion

When the sky is bleak and grey and you can smell rain in the air, that’s when you’ll find Charlie and his team training hard on the nearest beach. He loves to watch the storms roll in, unafraid in the slightest of the thunder and lightning. He’ll dance in the rain with his beloved pokemon, all of them relishing in weather that would send most running for cover.

Never seen without at least one Pikachu (or Pikachu lookalike) by his side, Charlie has travelled the world to hone his mastery of electric-type pokemon, determined to be the greatest trainer he can, with the ultimate goal of becoming a gym leader some day. When he heard about the formation of the PAX Pokemon League, he leapt at the chance to live his dreams, keen to prove himself just as competent an electric-type leader as legends such as Lt. Surge and Wattson, his childhood heros.

If you’re not spooked by a little thunder and lightning, come try your hand at winning the Stormchaser Badge!

Stormchaser Badge


Wyvern, the Confused Dragon Tamer

Wyvern has always loved dragons and pokemon, because of that he always idolised the dragon trainers, Lance, Drake, Cynthia, Iris and Alder and he dreamed to become the greatest dragon pokemon tamer ever. The only problem is he doesn’t know his types.

Show you know your Pokemon by challenging Damon and taking home the Wyvern Badge!

Wyvern Badge

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Switch, the Dance Dance Revolutionary

Switch, the Dance Dance Revolutionary

After spending the past year, “stranded” in the tropical paradise of Alola, with no recourse but to hang out with the local pokemon professors (drinking Mai Tais and Long Island Alola Iced Teas) all whilst hanging 10 off the back of a Mantine. Switch has repaired his ship for the long voyage back to Kanto, pirate flag raised, garish labcoat fluttering in the wind switch shimmies and shakes his booty as he hops port to port, stopping in Melbourne to see his friends and battle excited challengers.

Do you care to tango with this chilled out cat? Or will you mambo away from a chance to cha-cha-challenge Switch for your own Moonwalker Badge?

Moonwalker Badge

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Introducing Flax, the Bumbling Bug-Keeper!

Flax, the Bumbling Bug-Keeper

Sometimes you might come across a stroke of bad luck. Maybe you even consider yourself unlucky, or clumsy, or just not very good at life. Flax envies such people. If you follow Flax for a day it’s said you might be privy to anywhere between 10 and 72 unfortunate mishaps. Some are his own doing, some are just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, most are a flailing, zany dance between the two. Lady Luck was just never particularly fond of poor Flax. Despite this, Flax runs and maintains his own gym to this day with a smile on his face. As long as Flax has his Bug Pokemon nursery to take his mind off of life, nothing can keep the cheery lad down. You might rightly ask yourself why such a person would purposefully put themselves close to so many stingers, claws and fangs? Seeing as he’s still alive, come and ask him yourself, he’s managed to rope himself into this years PPLAus!

Take on Flax, the Bumbling Bug Keeper and his beloved hive – keep a safe distance while you earn yourself a Bumbling Badge!

“So I’m not very lucky…or coordinated, or good at battling, so? There’s more to Pokemon than being the best, same goes for the rest of life. Sure there are a few bumps, bruises and potentially fatal accidents along the way, but I’m stronger than that, you’ll see!”

Bumbling Badge

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PPL Australia 2017 Gym Leader Reveals Start Here

With PAXAUS2017 a scant two weeks away, two Gym Leaders have returned from the past with a vengeance! We present for your perusal, for PPL Australia 2017, Phil and Kitty

Phil, the Ghastly Remains

On a particularly brisk morning at Melbourne Gym, Phil stubbed his toe – Curses!
Ever since his visit to the mysterious Pachinko store that vanished years ago, Phils health bar had been decreasing year by year.
Now well past his prime, Phil dons the Gym mantel once more, piecing together a rag tag group of misfits for one last attempt at lifting his pesky ailment.

Will you reach for the Wraith Badge? Over my dead body!!

Wraith Badge



After a successful last PAX, Kitty has returned from her sabbatical and is ready for more challenges. Due to her partner, Astrid, being too busy looking after all their furry friends, Kitty has brought along some new Alolan friends of both the feline and canine nature!

Beat Kitty to receive the Bite Badge!

(Or come cheer for her during the Omegathon!)

Bite Badge

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PAX Aus 2017 Leader Applications Open Through May 4th

We like to get PPL Aus 2017 rolling as soon as possible because it’s something we’re passionate about, but to do it well we need you!

Applications will be open from now until May 4, so you’ll have a month plus to fill in your Gym Leader Application and be considered a PAX Pokemon Gym Leader for PPL Aus 2017. We look forward to reading everyone’s submissions and good luck!

Get em while they’re hot! PAX Aus 2017 Applications page is live!

If you have any questions we hang out over Facebook Page, email us, or private message philomglol or snowyalice on the PPL Forums.

Your Admin, Phil

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Champion, won’t you meet him? Hugh

Hugh, the Lucky Astronomer!


Hugh always dreamed of the discovering the mysteries behind stars. One night he saw a shooting star and wished that he could see a star up close. As it happened, the shooting star was actually a shiny Jirachi falling from space. And it heard Hugh’s wish….. and subsequently crashed through Hugh’s roof in the middle of the night. Hugh was astounded by little Jirachi and especially by it’s astonishing red colour. Jirachi brought more luck to Hugh as well; every Pokemon that came to be his assistant was shiny as well. Astounded by his luck, Hugh set off to study the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere with his shiny new friends.

Get lucky against Hugh and his shiny assistants to obtain the Wishing Badge.

The Wishing  Badge

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Rai and W.D. Gaster are our final two Elites!

Rai, the Fairy Man!


Rai lost his chance to become champion of the PPL this year after his sound defeat to Champion Hugh, but that hasn’t stopped him from securing a position in the Elite 6. Despite his appearances as an ordinary Pokemon Trainer, he is a man loved by the Fairies and is never seen without his trusted partner, Sylveon.

Don’t expect Rai to pull any punches in your double battle with him. He hates losing almost as much as he hates spicy food.

Overcome his versatile Fairies to pry the Pixie Badge out of his hands!

The Pixie Badge

W.D. Gaster, the Unmade!


To those who knew Doctor W.D. Gaster he was a scientist of unparalleled brilliance and skill. While the details of his accident remain sketchy, it is said that he fell into one of his own creations and was tragically scattered across space and time.

None can say what became of Gaster after that, but something is known for certain: a part of him came to be in the Hoenn Region! He developed an interest in Pokemon and their destructive capabilities. Using his vast knowledge of space and time he devised a team of powerful Pokemon that suited him, some were Pokemon from distant times, and others were Pokemon that had simply known darkness as he had since his accident.

Using these Pokemon and with help from the PPL he devised an experiment by which he could be supplied with almost limitless test subjects to fuel his research. The only condition being that he supplies a small trinket to any who’s Pokemon prove more destructive than his.

What could Doctor Gaster want with such information? Could he remain to this day a scientist in the pursuit of knowledge, or does his research spell disaster for the PPL? None can say, but, if you provide adequate test subjects to the strange doctor, then you might just find yourself a Wingdings Badge! But with this challenge, a warning echoes behind him: Beware the man who speaks in hands.

The Wingdings Badge

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