Meetup Times, Trainer Cards, and Prizes!!!

Lots of important news! First, PPL Aus, like PPL Prime and PPL East before it, will feature Trainer Cards!

The PPL Aus 2014 Trainer Card!

When you challenge a gym leader for the first time, win or lose, they’ll give you one of these! It has a list of all the gym leaders (to help you identify them and keep track of the ones you’ve faced) as well as a list of all the ways to keep track of us (social media stuff) and a helpful list of Meetup Times!

Meetups will be held in the Handheld Lounge (level 0, click that for a map) at:

Friday, 10:30 AM
Saturday, Noon
Sunday, 3:00 PM

Meetups are a great way to find lots of gym leaders to battle, as well as other challengers! Compare badges, get to know some new friends, or maybe… Rivals?!?

Finally: if you manage to collect 8 badges, find Gym Leader Phil (he’s the PPL Aus Administrator, and also a gym leader!) and show him. He’ll take your picture for the Hall of Fame and give you a prize! (While supplies last, we don’t know how fast they’ll go!)

There’s no Elite 4 or Champion to defeat this year; the League is starting small to gauge interest. But if we get enough demand, we hope to grow next year!

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