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The PAX Pokemon League East 2015 Hall of Fame!!!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

League Champion: Dylan Bourne

“Webey” “Bruce” “Pluto 2”
“Anubis” “Walt” “Silver”


League Champion: Raeef

“Y” “Talonflame” “Fletchinder”
“Moltres” “Volcarona” “Rotom”


League Champion: Draexzhan

“Menkar” “Atlas” “Otegine”
“Achernar” “Nirvana” “Excalibur”


League Champion: Shy

“Weegie” “Goodra” “Mamoswine”
“Conkeldurr” “Togekiss” “Manectric”


League Champion: Kano

“Blissey” “Manectric” “Scizor”
“Rotom-Wash” “Gyarados” “Infernape”


League Champion: Ksu

“Lopunny” “Aegislash” “Azumarill”
“Talonflame” “Landorus” “Scizor”


League Champion: MajorJackov

“K0ttontail” “Water Ninja” “Rotom”
“Mr Bubbles” “Manny” “Sky Ninja”


League Champion: Richie B.

“Mamoswine” “Heracross” “Talonflame”
“Dragonite” “Slowbro” “Porygon Z”


League Champion: Miles D’Entremont

“Scizor” “Gliscor” “Absol”
“Togekiss” “Latias” “Dragonite”


League Champion: Roberto

“Wendy” “Ambipom” “Sharpedo”
“Laxus” “Gengar” “Metagross”


League Champion: Chalkey Horenstein



League Champion: Pulpsock

“Aegislash” “Terrakion” “Zapdos”
“Swampert” “Amoonguss” “Sylveon”


League Champion: James R. Frotten

“RaCHeL” “Dollarwise” “Killer Queen”
“Shaiyana” “Pudge” “Dauntless”


League Champion: Audrey

“Scarlet” “Sonata” “Haruka”
“Umia” “Dune” “Kaiken”


League Champion: Joe “Oceanus” Carovillano

“Mew” “Tentacruel” “Arcanine”
“Haxorus” “Sharpedo” “Sceptile”


League Champion: Wilson

“Sableye” “Greninja” “Nidoqueen”
“Charizard” “Hydreigon” “Scizor”


League Champion: Maestra Rosy

“Charlotta” “Pit” “Capt Maximum”
“ライコウ” “Polaris” “Tueur Lapin”


League Champion: Stephan “Half” Mayer

“Yangry” “Greninja” “Talonflame”
“Azumarill” “Sableye” “Archeops”


League Champion: Alex / Azrael

“Volcarona” “Landorus” “Tyranitar”
“Metagross” “Kingdra” “Aegislash”


League Champion: E-Lo

“Breach()” “Crash()” “Jaunt()”
“Bounce()” “Tap()” “Ping()”


League Champion: Joe

“Charizard” “Malamar” “Garchomp”
“Jolteon” “Gengar” “Aegislash”


League Champion: Maryanna Guillet

“Talonflame” “Catcher” “Cryogonal”
“Oodour” “Tyranitar” “Chandelure”


League Champion: Ryan

“SCROTOM” “Whole Wheat” “Yur Gurl”
“CHANSEY” “Yung Moist” “Manaman”


League Champion: Brad Brown

“SummersComin” “Blue Buff” “Nocturne”
“Ice” “ThisIsPatrik” “Gragas”


Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally (there are several of you who we did not get hall of fame entries for! And sometimes photos get switched around! Send us a message!) or something’s missing, leave a comment! I (Propriety) will fix it!
Thank you for Playing! This is East 2015’s Final Post!


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Help make the PPL even better! Take the PPL East 2015 Challenger Survey!

Hello, lovely challengers! PPL East is sweeping up its loose ends and PPL Prime and PPL Aus are spooling up for action! But before PPL East says goodbye for good, we have a survey for you to take! Your input helps us improve the League, it really does!

Click here to take it!

It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Your feedback is SUPER important to us. We put together the PPL for your enjoyment, so we want to know what we’re doing right, and what we could do better! You may have noticed gym leader queues were a bit shorter this year… that’s because we tweaked some things based on last year’s surveys! IMPROVEMENT!

Plus, the survey is completely anonymous, so you can be honest! And if any of your friends challenged the League, tell them to take the survey too!

Thank you in advance!


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PPL East 2015 is over, and it was a great year! Thank you to everyone who challenged the League, or stopped by our Secret Base, and thank you to the gym leaders who worked really hard all weekend!

We’ll have further updates (including a “how can we improve?” survey, the Hall of Fame, and an update to our Facebook photo album) coming soon, so keep an eye on the site (or the twitter!) for more updates soon! And planning for PPL Prime 2015 will begin before we know it!

For now, though, my Pokemon and I need to go soak our feet and then take a nice long nap. 🙂

<3 ~Propriety


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Check out our Guidebook!

The PAX Pokemon League East 2015 has a Guidebook!

Guidebook is a app for mobile phones that allows you to access schedules and information for conventions. PAX has an official one (that you should totally download), but the PPL has one of its own!

Click on that link for instructions on how to get the guidebook app, then search for PAX Pokemon League 2015 and download our actual guidebook! It has a schedule of meetup and raffle times, as well as a list of all gym leaders so you can keep track of who you’ve battled!

If you already have the Guidebook App, you can open it and scan this QR code to get our guide, too!

Guidebook QR code

(Note: because we’re not flush with cash we could only afford the free version, which limits us to 200 downloads, so if you’re not going to PAX East, please don’t download it! And if we run out of downloads, we’re really sorry! 🙁 All the information in the guidebook is available here on the site, though, so don’t fret!)

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Thank You!



We wanted to highlight a few special groups and individuals for their continued support of the PAX Pokemon League!

3714918256_76da0990bb has been a large supporter of us ever since we started doing raffles. They have supplied us with quality prizes each year since 2014!

Please check them out for unique twists on classic favorites in t-shirts, posters, plushies, and more!


Without Al Basler , we really wouldn’t look as good as we do. Business cards, trainer cards, and championship certificates have all been generously donated by him and his company!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.42.26 PM

One of our own PAX Pokemon organizers, Kim Swanner not only devotes a lot of time as the PAX Pokemon Art Director and East Gym Leader illustrator,  but also donated a lot of the prizes for this year’s raffle!

Check out her site and her etsy!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.43.18 PM

Laura Wilson, one of the many artists at Fangamer, also devoted a lot of her personal time again this year to help make sure the leader art was vibrantly colored!

Check out her work at her site and at Fangamer!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.08.10 PM

Kristina (cocowoushi) has been a regular inks artist for the PAX Pokemon League!

Her work is fantastic, and you should check it out!

Also a huge thanks to all of our gym leaders!

We wouldn’t have a pokemon league without you all!

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How to Find Us and Meetup Times!

Once you get to PAX, look for some extremely good-looking people wearing bright green scarves like these:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.44.15 PM

That’s how you can identify a PAX Pokemon League gym leader who is ready for battle!

This year, we are starting to use these swanky new buttons so that you can determine who our Elite leaders are!


If you see someone with one of these ELITE buttons on, make sure you have enough badges to battle them! You need Eight (8) Badges!

The PAX Pokemon League operates mainly inside of the Hand Held Lounge!



Our Meetup Times in the HHL are as follows:

4 PM!

2 PM!

1:30 PM

Our Secret Base hours (located in the Roll for Diversity Lounge) are from 10am-6pm all weekend!

Our Champions Showcase on Sunday will begin promptly  at 6:30pm in the Westin Hotel Lobby by the escalators!

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Trainer Cards for PPL East 2015!

The PAX Pokémon League East is proud to present the designs for this year’s Trainer Cards!

Trainer Cards!

After your first Gym Leader battle, win or lose, you’ll be awarded their very own Trainer Card! (If they forget, make sure to remind them!) In addition to being a nice memento of your PAX Pokémon League journey, each trainer card shows Gym Leaders recommended for you to battle and the badge you’ll earn if you defeat them! (Of course you can battle any leader, not just those on your card.)

On the back of the card is info about the League, such as contact information and Meetup times! We hope these trainer cards will help make your PAX Pokemon League experience great!


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Gym Leader Twitter Accounts!

Many of our Gym Leaders/Elite Seven members have their own twitter accounts, and many will be updating them during PAX! If you’re interested in following them, you can find them in one convenient list here: THE PPL GYM LEADER LIST

Akane: @inkyravens
Alexander: @Aurethious
Calder: @PaxCalder
Chris: @PPL_ProBender
Courtney: @iBidoof
Delectable Dan: @WinterTrainer
Dr. Ian Attor: @ZetoZ
Emre: @Emre801
Erkenhelm: @Erkenhelm
Franziska von Karma: @PPL_VonKarma
Garrett: @assumptionprime
Gwen: @PPL_MaesterGwen
Hiker Thane: @PPL_HikerThane
Jake & Will: @Lv3Bidoof / @Vachenzo
Jurin : @loltsundere
Katrina: @balloonpresents
Kenneth & Kathleen: @PPL15_Kathleen
Kite: @yellowparachut3
Lane: @Open_Lane
Marlin: @PPL_Justice
Masdrex: @KingMasdrex
Pavi: @sjsongt86
Rillian: @LeewoodL3
Rime: @ndoto
Roark: @Will351William
Rosalind and Robert Lutece: @shinywoopwoop
Scott: @ahscott
Sonny Dee: @SonnyDeePPL
Sorra Fortuna : @ShucaBerry
Stinky Stella: @freelyfrances
Volga: @Volga_TDK
W. P. Bell: @Bigdumbhippy

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Secret Base Raffle 03 – SUNDAY


So, you’ve found our Secret Base, shown us your badges, and performed the task that has been asked of you – what’s next?!

Sunday, at 7:00pm at the Westin Hotel Lobby by the escalators on the First Floor, the final raffle will be held along with our CHAMPION SHOWCASE!

Each person looking to participate in the raffle will need to show the PAX Pokemon representative on duty their trainer card.

There is only one entry per person for the entire weekend of PAX East. This way we can offer as many prizes up to as many people as possible!

The following are the prizes we will have up for grabs for Sunday!


A sheet of Eevee-lution stickers!


Starters lanyard made by!


A badge box containing….


…every PAX Pokemon League East 2014 badge!


Little Mudkip plush!


Snowy Pikachu plush!


Lucario Amiibo!



A hard cover Field Guide to Kanto donated by the generous!

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Your Champion: W.P. Bell!


CHAMPION: W. P. Bell, the Power Hungry Plant!


Trainer’s Pokémon: LEAFY GREENS

Parasite Prize Badge

This is it! The final battle!

Take down the Champion to earn eternal glory in the Hall of Fame!

Anyone who defeats the champion will get a certificate declaring them Champion of the East 2015 PAX Pokémon League!

And a lucky first 12 will get one of these super awesome mini PAX Pokémon towels!


Snivy not included. 😉


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