PPL East 2015 is over, and it was a great year! Thank you to everyone who challenged the League, or stopped by our Secret Base, and thank you to the gym leaders who worked really hard all weekend!

We’ll have further updates (including a “how can we improve?” survey, the Hall of Fame, and an update to our Facebook photo album) coming soon, so keep an eye on the site (or the twitter!) for more updates soon! And planning for PPL Prime 2015 will begin before we know it!

For now, though, my Pokemon and I need to go soak our feet and then take a nice long nap. 🙂

<3 ~Propriety


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2 Responses to THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!

  1. Heaven

    Thanks for everything! See you next year (hopefully)~!

  2. John B.

    Thank for everything guys! Looking forward to next year!

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