How to Find Us and Meetup Times!

Once you get to PAX, look for some extremely good-looking people wearing bright green scarves like these:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.44.15 PM

That’s how you can identify a PAX Pokemon League gym leader who is ready for battle!

This year, we are starting to use these swanky new buttons so that you can determine who our Elite leaders are!


If you see someone with one of these ELITE buttons on, make sure you have enough badges to battle them! You need Eight (8) Badges!

The PAX Pokemon League operates mainly inside of the Hand Held Lounge!



Our Meetup Times in the HHL are as follows:

4 PM!

2 PM!

1:30 PM

Our Secret Base hours (located in the Roll for Diversity Lounge) are from 10am-6pm all weekend!

Our Champions Showcase on Sunday will begin promptly  at 6:30pm in the Westin Hotel Lobby by the escalators!

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