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PPL and You!


This PAX East was the absolute best PPL experience yet! And it wouldn’t have been possible without YOU! ¬†We received over $500 in donations from fans and gym leaders, which is what allowed us to get all of the great prizes that we handed out this year! Additional donations helped us pay for patches that go on our scarves, our internet hosting, and many other things that help keep us running. What we’re trying to say is, we want to make next year even better! But we can’t do that without your help! Should you feel so inclined, please click our Paypal link below and send us a “gift” with the description “For PPL East 2015!” With your support, we hope to update our Guidebook app so we can offer more than the 200 downloads that we currently offer per convention. We also want to continue to offer more and better prizes! Did you like the new Champion prize bags we had this year? We’d love for them to come back again next year!

Just click below and donate to help us out!


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Want to help make the PPL even better? TAKE THIS (SURVEY)!

Hello all you lovely challengers! The League is slowly getting back on its feet after its multi-day nap, and we’ve put together a survey for you to take to help us improve the League in the future!

Click here to take it!

It shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes, and your feedback is SUPER important to us. We put together the PPL for your enjoyment, so we want to know what we’re doing right, and what we could do better!
Plus, the survey is completely anonymous, so you can give us your honest feedback!

Thanks in advance!

Now I’m going to take another nap. So tired~


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Reminder: How to PPL!

A brief reminder of how to PPL, since there’s lots going on this year!


  • There are 29 Gym Leaders. Look for them wearing their bright green scarves. Find one, and challenge them to a battle! If you prove your worth, you’ll earn their badge. Remember, you can only challenge each leader once per day (unless they say otherwise).
  • There are 6 Elite Six members. They will also be wearing bright green scarves (check the leader bios we posted so you know which six are Elite Six members) Collect 8 badges for the right to challenge them. If you don’t have enough badges, they’ll refuse your challenge! Defeat them in battle to earn their emblem. Again, you can only challenge each Elite Six member once per day.
  • Collect ANY 4 Emblems for the right to challenge the Champion. Defeat the Champion to win the Champion Prize (a cool PPL bag) be entered into the Hall of Fame! Also Propriety will probably want to take a picture with you.
  • Meetups are a good way to catch lots of gym leaders all in one place, but also keep an eye out as you walk around PAX! Leaders often go to panels and queues are a great place to find them.
    Our meetups will be: Friday at 1 PM, Saturday at 3:30 PM, Sunday at 2 PM, all in the handheld lounge.


  • After your first leader battle, whether you succeed or fail, if you don’t already have one, the gym leader should offer you a trainer card. These cards have a bunch of helpful info on them, including suggested leaders, meetup times, etc. Researchers Propriety and Kim will also have these, so if you don’t have one already you can ask us for one. You’ll also need one to participate in…


  • While you’re battling gym leaders, keep an eye out. If they use a MegaEvolution while you’re battling them, and that MegaEvolution appears on the bingo board on the back of your trainer card, you can ask that leader for a sticker for that spot! If you get 4 in a row, you can come find Researcher Propriety or Researcher Kim to get a special prize pin and a raffle ticket!
  • There will be raffles on Friday at 5 PM, Saturday at 5:30 PM, and Sunday at 7 PM (all in the handheld lounge, except for Sunday’s raffle, which will take place on the Westin Mezzanine), each with different prizes available. You can use your raffle ticket on any one of the raffles for the chance to win a prize! (If you use your ticket on Friday, you might have a better chance of winning since fewer people will have gotten bingo… but you also won’t know what prizes are available until the raffle! So choose wisely!)


  • One of the Gym Leaders is up to no good, feeding juicy MegaEvolution secrets to Lysandre, and it’s up to you to figure out who it is! Ask the various scientist gym leaders if they know anything about MegaEvolution. Their answers put together might give you a clue that will lead you to the leader responsible! Confront them with their crimes and if you’re right you’ll win a super rare Poke-Nobel Prize Pin!
  • Note that some of the gym leaders might not have any idea what you’re talking about…. don’t let them onto your sleuthing!


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PPL Champion Prizes!

Challengers who manage to defeat the Champion will be awarded eternal fame and glory by being inducted into the Hall of Fame!

More importantly, they’ll also be given one of these tasteful commemorative drawstring bags!!!*

Good for potions, pokeballs, proteins, etc. Not recommended for Key Items.

Good for potions, pokeballs, proteins, etc. Not recommended for Key Items.


Here modelled by guts pose Researcher Kim!

Here modelled by guts pose Researcher Kim!


*(While supplies last. We’ve only got 15 of them, so don’t be a Slowpoke! ūüôĀ )

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Check out our Guidebook!

EDIT EDIT: Keep trying! There may be some copies left!

The PAX Pokemon League East 2014 has a Guidebook!


Guidebook is a app for mobile phones that allows you to access schedules and information for conventions. PAX has an official one (that you should totally download), but the PPL has one of its own!

Click on that banner for instructions on how to get the guidebook app, then search for PAX Pokemon League 2014 and download our actual guidebook! It has a schedule of meetup and raffle times, as well as a list of all gym leaders so you can keep track of who you’ve battled!

(Note: because we’re not flush with cash we could only afford the free version, which limits us to 200 downloads, so if you’re not going to PAX East, please don’t download it! And if we run out of downloads, we’re really sorry! ūüôĀ All the information in the guidebook is available here on the site, though, so don’t fret!)


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2014 East Champion – Lysandre, Tyrant Professor of Kalos!


Lysandre is the ex-leader of Team Flare, and the last descendant of the brother of King AZ. His initial schemes in Kalos were thwarted, but Lysandre has risen from the ashes of Team Flare, and is now focusing all his efforts on researching the secrets of Mega Evolution. He has gathered a number of scientists, researchers, and battle experts at the Pokémon Advancement Expo with plans to leverage their knowledge for his own mysterious ends. Defeat Lysandre, put a stop to his nefarious plans, and claim the title of PAX Pokémon League Champion!

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Elite Six Member: Mirage, The Mysterious Battler!

GL14Upon hearing how the outsider Jim Raynor came to be involved with the PAX Pok√©mon League at PAX Prime 2013, Mirage took it upon himself to deceive Raynor out of going to East and to replace him. The son of a Dark-type using magician, he grew to appreciate art of deception. The Pok√©mon he has bonded with and uses in battle represent the some of the darkest Pok√©mon in the ‘dex. In order to beat him, be prepared to face the die that will choose between two teams…. You must know your way around battling if you want to have a chance to defeat this deceptive master! See past his tricks to earn the Deception Emblem!

Deception Emblem

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Elite Six Member: Whitney, the Incredibly Pretty Girl!

GL32From a very young age, Whitney was part of the Johto¬†Pok√©mon League. Getting restless of being the Goldenrod gym leader, she decided to visit her pen pals, Dawn and Cynthia. They kept talking about their travels to the Boston area and how both their experiences helped refresh their outlook on battling. Whitney then decided to see what these two champions were talking about and now finds herself at PAX East to fight young and refreshing trainers. Come see if you have what it takes to survive Whitney’s honed skills and earn the Rollout Emblem!

Rollout Emblem

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Elite Six Member: Oak, Elm and Birch, the (Imposter?) Professors!

GL34cGL34a GL34b

The PAX¬†Pok√©mon League, in a scramble to find some of the most renowned scientists in the Pok√©mon field to attend the Pok√©mon Advancement Expo, sent out a few letters and made a few calls. Perhaps they called the wrong numbers or sent letters to the wrong address, because the renowned professors they sought out arrived at the Expo with a bit of an evil glance in their eyes…. With smiles on their faces, the Oak, Elm and Birch who arrived asked (or demanded, but let‚Äôs not split hairs) to battle this years challengers. With terrifying smiles like theirs, who could say no?! Take them down and you’ll come out with a shiny Counterfeit Emblem! (We swear it’s real.)

Counterfeit Emblem

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Handheld Lounge Meetup Times and Raffle Times!!!

Handheld Meetup Times

PAX is fast approaching, and one of the yearly traditions of the PPL is that we hold a meetup on each day of PAX in the Handheld lounge. Meetups are a good chance to catch lots of Gym Leaders in one place, chat and mingle with other challengers, compare badges, trade for Pokemon you’re missing… they’re not to be missed!

We’ll be holding meetups in the Handheld Lounge on:

Friday (the 11th) at 1 PM,

Saturday (the 12th) at 3:30 PM,

Sunday (the 13th) at 2 PM

MegaBingo Raffles will be held in front of Handheld Lounge on:

Friday (the 11th) at 5 PM, 

Saturday (the 12th) at 5:30 PM,

Sunday (the 13th)’s MegaBingo Raffle will take place at 7 PM on the Mezzanine of the lobby of the Westin Hotel¬† (the hotel that is connected to the Convention Center). There will also be a final meetup/goodbye session then. (Since PAX is technically over then!)


Remember, for all raffles, you must be present to win! You come to the Raffle, you turn in your Raffle ticket, and if you’re drawn, you win a prize! It’s that simple!

See you there!

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