Handheld Lounge Meetup Times and Raffle Times!!!

Handheld Meetup Times

PAX is fast approaching, and one of the yearly traditions of the PPL is that we hold a meetup on each day of PAX in the Handheld lounge. Meetups are a good chance to catch lots of Gym Leaders in one place, chat and mingle with other challengers, compare badges, trade for Pokemon you’re missing… they’re not to be missed!

We’ll be holding meetups in the Handheld Lounge on:

Friday (the 11th) at 1 PM,

Saturday (the 12th) at 3:30 PM,

Sunday (the 13th) at 2 PM

MegaBingo Raffles will be held in front of Handheld Lounge on:

Friday (the 11th) at 5 PM, 

Saturday (the 12th) at 5:30 PM,

Sunday (the 13th)’s MegaBingo Raffle will take place at 7 PM on the Mezzanine of the lobby of the Westin Hotel¬† (the hotel that is connected to the Convention Center). There will also be a final meetup/goodbye session then. (Since PAX is technically over then!)


Remember, for all raffles, you must be present to win! You come to the Raffle, you turn in your Raffle ticket, and if you’re drawn, you win a prize! It’s that simple!

See you there!

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