Check out our Guidebook!

EDIT EDIT: Keep trying! There may be some copies left!

The PAX Pokemon League East 2014 has a Guidebook!


Guidebook is a app for mobile phones that allows you to access schedules and information for conventions. PAX has an official one (that you should totally download), but the PPL has one of its own!

Click on that banner for instructions on how to get the guidebook app, then search for PAX Pokemon League 2014 and download our actual guidebook! It has a schedule of meetup and raffle times, as well as a list of all gym leaders so you can keep track of who you’ve battled!

(Note: because we’re not flush with cash we could only afford the free version, which limits us to 200 downloads, so if you’re not going to PAX East, please don’t download it! And if we run out of downloads, we’re really sorry! 🙁 All the information in the guidebook is available here on the site, though, so don’t fret!)


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2 Responses to Check out our Guidebook!

  1. I was able to download it today (after seeing the message that you guys hit the 200 limit) so I think it’s a 200 limit per day!

    • Propriety

      Wow really?! Thanks for letting me know! It may be that some people cancelled their download or deleted the guide which might have freed up some spots too. I’ll edit the post to reflect that.

      Thanks again!

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