Thank you, everyone, for making PPL East 2014 without a doubt the best PPL EVER. <3

We’ll have further updates (including a “what should we do to improve?!” survey) coming soon so don’t forget about us just yet!

For now, though, I’m planning to let my Pokemon out of their pokeballs to stretch, followed by passing out, hopefully in my bed.

<3 ~Propriety


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2 Responses to THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!

  1. Charmanderhat

    I was disappointed when I looked at what events would be going on at PAX East, and a Pokemon Tournament was not listed, but when I discovered that there was a whole Pokemon League instead, I was delighted. I spent probably 60% of my time at PAX East participating in the league, waiting for my turn to battle a leader, searching new ones out, or just battling someone else in the meantime. And you know what? I have no regrets. Thank you for doing this, it was truly awesome, and I was delighted to see just how many people were taking part in this. You all are over a hundred friends I never knew I had. Thanks again, and I plan to return the favor by being a GL at PAX Prime.

    • Propriety

      Thank YOU for participating! I’m super glad you had a good time and made a bunch of friends! After all, isn’t that really what the Pokemon League journey is all about?

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