Gym Leader Twitter Accounts!

In case you are trying to hunt down a specific gym leader, here is a twitter list of all the PPL leaders who have twitter accounts:

Feel free to subscribe to it if you want all the leaders’ tweets! Also, the @PAXPokemon twitter feed will be retweeting leader tweets so you can follow that instead if you’d like (you should be following that ANYWAY).

Here’s a list of who’s included:

Researcher Propriety: @Proprietous
Researcher Kim: @nyankokimi

The Champ:
Lysandre: @PPL_Lysandre

Elite 6:
Antoine: @FatherVenom
Ciro: @PaxDragonHunter
Sabrina: @tulnekaya
The Imposter Professors: @RealestOak

Gym Leaders:
Cylis: @Coffeynotcoffee
Justin and Blaire Cooper: @Cooper_Cousins
Miss Miau: @y00ty00t
Nathaniel: @CharlieFangamer
Greta: @Gigiem
Toph A Snails: @bigdumbhippy
Chef Olivier: @PPLmunchie
Pryce: @WinterTrainer
Alexander: @Aurethious
Kinchou: @loltsundere
Mudman Dan: @bootaide
Professor Kaden Chang: @ShinyWoopWoop
Sara and Stacy: @PPL_SublimeSci
Darius Nathal: @LanceMartinLTan
Imakuni?: @Lv3Bidoof
Isaac Adler: @PPL14_Isaac
John: @PPL_Ghostbuster
Patrick Pinkerton: @PPL_PatPink
River Song: @PPL_RiverSong
Calucian: @CalucianPAX
Dr. Neuro and Dr. Toxin: @YacheBerri
Oceanus: @Pax_Oceanus
Paul: @nicodemus144
Roberto Stahrs: @PPL_Volaro


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2 Responses to Gym Leader Twitter Accounts!

  1. Weenietowne’s twitter is currently protected (Only confirmed followers have access to @Weenietowne’s Tweets and complete profile.) and @PPL_PatPink’s account isn’t linked correctly. if you don’t know how to find him, here’s the link

    • Propriety

      Whoops, I’ve fixed Patrick’s link. And you’re right, Bea’s twitter is protected, so I’ll remove it from the list.

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