PPL and You!


This PAX East was the absolute best PPL experience yet! And it wouldn’t have been possible without YOU! ¬†We received over $500 in donations from fans and gym leaders, which is what allowed us to get all of the great prizes that we handed out this year! Additional donations helped us pay for patches that go on our scarves, our internet hosting, and many other things that help keep us running. What we’re trying to say is, we want to make next year even better! But we can’t do that without your help! Should you feel so inclined, please click our Paypal link below and send us a “gift” with the description “For PPL East 2015!” With your support, we hope to update our Guidebook app so we can offer more than the 200 downloads that we currently offer per convention. We also want to continue to offer more and better prizes! Did you like the new Champion prize bags we had this year? We’d love for them to come back again next year!

Just click below and donate to help us out!


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2 Responses to PPL and You!

  1. Anonymoose

    Sadly, the PayPal button in this post doesn’t work! But the one under the “support” page does. In case anyone else wants to pitch in <3

    • Propriety

      WHOOPS we are huge goobers. Thank you, kind Moose, for pointing this out.

      It should be fixed now? We hope? PayPal buttons keep giving us trouble.

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