Reminder: How to PPL!

A brief reminder of how to PPL, since there’s lots going on this year!


  • There are 29 Gym Leaders. Look for them wearing their bright green scarves. Find one, and challenge them to a battle! If you prove your worth, you’ll earn their badge. Remember, you can only challenge each leader once per day (unless they say otherwise).
  • There are 6 Elite Six members. They will also be wearing bright green scarves (check the leader bios we posted so you know which six are Elite Six members) Collect 8 badges for the right to challenge them. If you don’t have enough badges, they’ll refuse your challenge! Defeat them in battle to earn their emblem. Again, you can only challenge each Elite Six member once per day.
  • Collect ANY 4 Emblems for the right to challenge the Champion. Defeat the Champion to win the Champion Prize (a cool PPL bag) be entered into the Hall of Fame! Also Propriety will probably want to take a picture with you.
  • Meetups are a good way to catch lots of gym leaders all in one place, but also keep an eye out as you walk around PAX! Leaders often go to panels and queues are a great place to find them.
    Our meetups will be: Friday at 1 PM, Saturday at 3:30 PM, Sunday at 2 PM, all in the handheld lounge.


  • After your first leader battle, whether you succeed or fail, if you don’t already have one, the gym leader should offer you a trainer card. These cards have a bunch of helpful info on them, including suggested leaders, meetup times, etc. Researchers Propriety and Kim will also have these, so if you don’t have one already you can ask us for one. You’ll also need one to participate in…


  • While you’re battling gym leaders, keep an eye out. If they use a MegaEvolution while you’re battling them, and that MegaEvolution appears on the bingo board on the back of your trainer card, you can ask that leader for a sticker for that spot! If you get 4 in a row, you can come find Researcher Propriety or Researcher Kim to get a special prize pin and a raffle ticket!
  • There will be raffles on Friday at 5 PM, Saturday at 5:30 PM, and Sunday at 7 PM (all in the handheld lounge, except for Sunday’s raffle, which will take place on the Westin Mezzanine), each with different prizes available. You can use your raffle ticket on any one of the raffles for the chance to win a prize! (If you use your ticket on Friday, you might have a better chance of winning since fewer people will have gotten bingo… but you also won’t know what prizes are available until the raffle! So choose wisely!)


  • One of the Gym Leaders is up to no good, feeding juicy MegaEvolution secrets to Lysandre, and it’s up to you to figure out who it is! Ask the various scientist gym leaders if they know anything about MegaEvolution. Their answers put together might give you a clue that will lead you to the leader responsible! Confront them with their crimes and if you’re right you’ll win a super rare Poke-Nobel Prize Pin!
  • Note that some of the gym leaders might not have any idea what you’re talking about…. don’t let them onto your sleuthing!


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