Some Well Known Faces… to Battle at PPL South! Soldier 76, the Ice King, the Outsider, and Shawn Spencer!

Soldier 76, the Vigilante!

Jack Morrison lead a team of heroes called Overwatch. They defended the world from an uprising of sentient robots known as the Omnicrisis. But after the organization was shut down, he became a vigilante under the name of Soldier 76. He continues to enforce justice wherever he can. During this time he recruited some hard as nails Pokemon to join his cause. He’s joined the PAX Pokemon League hoping to find others to defend the innocent against the Omnics. This world we must defend could always use more heroes.

Test your mettle against his metal to earn the Hero Badge!


Simon Petrikov, the ICE King!

His name is Simon Petrikov, and his life changed when he came into possession of this crown. The crown whispers its icy secrets to him, and has driven away his love… But just give him enough time, and he’ll get himself back, he’ll get his Betty, his princess back! Have you seen her?

She’s right here on the Betty Badge!


The Outsider, the Great Leviathan Trainer

Don’t let this Dark Outsider from the Void scare you, he’s here for his own amusement. With his eyes closed he sees into eternity. While no no special moves nor words may compel him, if you show enough Fighting spirit you may earn his favor.

Defeat him to earn a token of his approval, the Bonecharm Badge!


Shawn Spencer, the Psychic Detective!

Shawn Spencer runs a psychic detective agency, so of course he surrounds himself with psychic Pokemon, right? Figure out if Shawn’s Pokemon really are psychic, and prove you are a fan of delicious flavor!

Step up and win the Pineapple Badge!

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