The First Three South Gym Leaders Revealed! Felicity, Sue, and Grunts A and B!

Felicity, the Crazy Cat Lady!

No one is crazier about cats than Felicity! She may be a bit of a wallflower, but she considers her fluffy and fierce feline Pokemon to be her family! She doesn’t need a love life as long as she has her cute kitty Pokemon…right?

Defeat her cuddly babies and take home the Whisker Badge!


Sue, the Gourmet Chef!

Fresh from culinary school in Kalos, Sue has come to Alola to add some spice to the PAX Pokemon League! You’ll find all kinds of challenges on her Battle Menu – just don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Order up and claim the Gourmet Badge!


Hannah and Derigor, Grunts A and B!

It’s nice to be out on your own and be your own boss for a change. We don’t report to anyone anymore, well except the Elite 4… and the League Champion. Wait a minute… are we still Grunts?

Put these two in their place to earn the Grunt Badge!


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