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The PAX Pokemon League South 2018 Hall of Fame!!!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

 League Champion: James R. Frotten

 League Champion: MarkisGarchiya

League Champion: SheepMatty

League Champion: Peter Hotvedt

League Champion: MISSINGNO 1

League Champion: Noah

League Champion: Zelda

League Champion: MISSINGNO 2

League Champion: Pancake


League Champion: Dario Sepulveda

League Champion: Cole

League Champion: Dizzy 

League Champion: Aphelion

League Champion: Papychu 


Due to some Porygons eating our data, and the inability of Sun and Moon to save battle videos when battling against Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, some information for some of our champions has unfortunately been lost! If you are one of the affected champions, please e-mail us at, and we’ll repair the Hall of Fame as soon as possible!

Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally or something’s missing, leave a comment and we’ll fix it! This is the last post from PPL South 2018!  Thank you for playing!

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Help Us Improve the PPL! South 2018 Challenger Survey!

Hey there, trainer! Did you test your mettle against the PAX Pokemon League at PAX South 2018?

Then help us out by answering a few questions in our challenger survey!

We’ll use your feedback to help improve the PPL at future PAXes!

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PPL South, Brought To You By the Pokemon Cafe! Meetups, Prizes and More!

We are pleased to announce that this year the PAX Pokemon League at PAX South is brought to you by the the Pokemon Cafe! Stop by the PPL/Pokemon Cafe booth in the Roll for Diversity Lounge to learn more about the PAX Pokemon League, or perhaps pick up some Pokebeans for your hard working companions.

The Diversity Lounge and Handheld Lounge will be the places to be for our Leader Meetups! You’ll find lots of leaders looking for battle so get those badges!

Friday: 11am-12pm, 4-5pm
Saturday: 11am-12pm, 3-4pm
Sunday: 2pm-3pm

Also on Sunday, come to the Grand Hyatt Lobby at 6:30pm for the Champion Showcase! Even after PAX closes, there’s still battles to be had!

Each day there will also be a Raffle for some fabulous prizes! Friday and Saturday at the PPL Booth/Pokemon Cafe at 5:30pm, and Sunday at 7pm at the Champion Showcase in the Grand Hyatt Lobby! If you’ve got at least 2 badges, you’re eligible to win some awesome Pokemon gear!

Need help getting started on those badges? There’s always Pokemon Trivia! Prove you’re a true Pokemon fanatic and earn the Pokemaniac Badge!

There’s also word that the Pokemon Cafe has a Secret Menu! Rumor has it that the PPL Gym Leaders are all in the know about it. But they won’t just tell you about all the cool, secret drinks. You’ll have to beat them in a battle first! Get all 3 clues to the day’s secret menu drink and stop by the PPL Booth to place your special order at the Pokemon Cafe!

Good luck on your PAX Pokemon League journeys, trainers!

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PPL South 2018’s Champion is here!

Cain, the Leader of the Pack!

Cain was born in the Kanto region and as a young boy he went camping with his parents and his best friend Growlithe. In the middle of the night his parents were taken, and Cain and his Growlithe were all alone deep in the wilderness. Over the years Cain had to learn to survive, but he wasn’t alone. He and Growlithe made friends in the forest, and learned to live in the harsh wilds with his growing pack. Eventually, Cain made his way back to civilization looking for answers about what happened to his family. While his search goes on for his parents goes on, he also made a name for himself as a trainer, hardened by his time in the wilderness. His determination has made Cain the Champion of PPL South.

If you can survive the trials of the PAX Pokemon League, you will then have to challenge Cain and his pack for the right to be called champion!

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South’s Elite 5 are here!

Bobby Crewe, the Grill Master!

Whether he’s lighting the grill, or he’s striking up a Pokemon battle, you can count on Bobby Crewe to turn up the heat. He knows how to get a perfect grill line on a kabob, and he knows how to train a super charged fire Pokemon. Bobby may like his burgers medium-rare, but if a trainer challenges him, he intends to send them home well done!

Smoke out his high-fire-power Pokemon and you’ll walk away with the Grill Emblem!


Black Star, the World’s Greatest Trainer!

Last of the infamous Star Clan, Black Star, announces that he is the worlds greatest Pokemon Trainer! Although the title is self-proclaimed, how could Black Star NOT be the greatest? With the help of his transforming weapon, Subaki, and a team of dangerous ghost type Pokemon, Black Star is out to prove that it’s not bragging when you can back it up!

Hang on to your soul to claim the Star Emblem!


Coach K, the Dragon Coach!

In his younger days, Coach K went on his first journey through Kanto with his partner Charizard, even going as far as being named Champion of Kanto for a short while, studying under Lance. Coach K retired and settled down after his journey and continued coaching in Texas — this time in football. He now runs his football team based on his philosophy as a trainer — fly to the opponent, hit hard, and strike fast. Play the best. Beat the best. After attending PAX South, Coach K was enticed to come out of retirement and began training once again!

Defeat his dragon blitz to claim the MVP Emblem!


Osono, the Alche-witch!

Don’t underestimate the witchy tricks this grass loving alchemist wields! Too much of a good thing can be poisonous, be wary of these sweet-shaped grass types. Osono is here to test experienced trainers with her natural remedies, can you suss out which is trick or treat in time?

Survive her treatment to receive the Tricky Witch Emblem!


Syto and Sable, the Silent But Deadly Duo!

Syto and Sable were two best friends from a hidden village trained in the ways of assassination. Once the two became of age they were sent to different regions and trained in the different ways of Pokemon. Syto was sent to the Kanto region and trained under Koga in the way of traditional ninja and poison type Pokemon. While Sable was sent to Unova to train in modern assassin tactics and dark type Pokemon from the elite Grimsley. Years later the two friends were reunited and they used their newly learned tactics to become the ultimate duo in poison and dark Pokemon!

Resist the toxic dark to earn the Rose Gem Emblem!

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Finishing out the South Gym Leaders: Gloom, Thunderbird, Yazmina, and Captain Invincible!

Gloom, Blocking Your Path!

Rumored to actually be a Snorlax, Gloom was inducted to the league mostly so that the constant battling would keep him from laying about and blocking people’s way around the convention center. But he’s brought along a team of even more lazy, sleepy pokemon! Keep them busy with battles before all our routes are blocked!

Hit them while they hit the hay to earn the Nap Badge!


Thunderbird, the Electrifying Flyer!

Since he was a young boy, Thunderbird has been fascinated by electric type pokemon. He was very intrigued with how some of them were resistant to their usual weakness of ground. That’s when he decided to do research of his own. From then on, with his partner Jolteon, Thunderbird aims to be the best electric type trainer who specializes in resisting ground type attacks.

Help Thunderbird further his research and you may receive the Winged Electricity Badge!


Yazmina, the Corsair Admiral and First Mate!

Deep in the ranks of Team Aqua, a legend exists. Ships and crew terrorized across the sea, and from this misfortune a single name is whispered: The Corsair Admiral Yazmina! With her steely eyed Empoleon, a ruthless crew of Poke-Plunderers, and loyal First Mate Jack at her side, none stand in her way!

Brave the darkest waters in the sea and claim the Plunder Badge!


Captain Invincible, the Invincible Master of Invincibility!

Captain Invincible is here! Here to protect you from evil! WHAT?! You’ve never heard of him?! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! let us fill you in. Captain Invincible is the world’s best invincible super hero who resides in San Antonio and is also a Pokemon Trainer! He and his invincible Pokemon take hits without breaking a sweat! They stop bank robbers, burglars, shoplifters and 50% of the time car jackers! His Pokemon can stop 72% of attacks and 11% of status moves opponents use on them! That’s a very high percentage! Use extra caution if you fight him, and not get discouraged when you fail to get through his invincible Pokemon’s invincibility!

Somehow defeat the invincible to earn the Invincible Badge!

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The Next Four South Leaders Unveiled! Patrick, Pending, Ellie, and Big Red!

Patrick Pinkerton, the Pink Pokemon Protector!

After being humbled by fellow Pokemon trainers almost 4 years ago at PAX East, Patrick went on a training journey across the world to perfect his bonds with his pink partners. With his trusty sidekick Sylveon, he has returned to the PAX Pokemon League prove himself as a powerful pink pokemon trainer!

Prepare and prime a perfect plan to earn the Pink Badge!


Pending, the TV Guide!

Check your watch… Whoa, look at that! Your calculator watch says 1999. That means it’s time to turn that hat backwards, bust out that yo-yo, stick a cassette into that walkman, and get ready for a rad time, because we’re in the 90s! That’s right, it’s a Saturday in the 90s. This new game called Pokemon just came out, and we’re about to check it out while we watch some Saturday morning cartoons! Scheduled during the Pending timeslot – sit down, grab a can of Surge, and get ready to challenge Pending, the TV Guide!

Prove that not just 90’s kids will get this to earn the Saturday Morning Badge!


Ellie, the Mechanic of Dust!

In the desolate area of northern Pandora called The Dust, Ellie runs her garage. While she gets some human visitors knocking on her door, it’s usually one of the many vicious, native creatures looking for a fight. Tired of her little pest problem, Ellie has decided to cage them, stuff them into pokemon costumes, and haul them off to PAX South, where she hopes they may finally get the challenge they have been looking for.

Survive the terrors of The Dust and earn L’s Badge!


Big Red, the King of the Hill!

Howdy ya’ll! His name is Mike Sherpa, but you can call him Big Red! He’s traveled across many regions, living life to the fullest! There’s no mountain too great and no peak too high! His team is the biggest, heaviest champs in all the land. Think yer up for the challenge young traveler?

Haul up to the peak of battle to earn the Summit Badge!

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Another Quartet of PPL South Leaders Revealed! Dan, Poncho, Serena, and Faye!

Dan, the Normal Leader!

Dan is just a normal, average guy that enjoys traveling and challenging others to battles. So, of course, when he heard of the PAX Pokemon League, he headed that way to find more challengers. If you plan to have a fighting chance against Dan’s Normal types then you better make sure your attacks will pack a punch!

Prove you’re above average to earn the Normal Badge!

Poncho, the Traveling Salesman!

A well seasoned traveler, Poncho travels the world hawking his wares and adapting to the new area. He has recently rolled into town looking for his latest mark. Challengers beware, Poncho has more than a few tricks up his sleeve and fighting techniques from far away lands. Even if you beat him this time, you may encounter Poncho on your travels again. For now, it seems he’s been adapting to the sandy deserts near PAX South!

It will take all your street smarts to con this con man and earn the Travel badge!


Serena, the Bird Keeper!

Flying is just the next step in travel, even if humans cannot fly yet. So for now Serena relies on her trusty flying types to be the wind beneath her wings. She’s flying her way to PAX South to showoff her ability to be one with the wind, especially in battle!

Ground this high-flying trainer to earn the Soaring Badge!


Faye, the Dragon Slayer!

Faye is a dedicated fan of fairy-type pokemon but she doesn’t quite mesh with the cheery Fairy Tale trainers that dominate the battle scene. She’s taking her team in a more aggressive direction, eager to demonstrate just how powerful her enchanting pokemon can be. She’s eager to prove herself at this year’s PAX, but be warned: it’ll take more than a sharp sword or tainted apple to bring her fairies down.

Avoid the fate she’s concocting for you and walk away with the Augury Badge!

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Some Well Known Faces… to Battle at PPL South! Soldier 76, the Ice King, the Outsider, and Shawn Spencer!

Soldier 76, the Vigilante!

Jack Morrison lead a team of heroes called Overwatch. They defended the world from an uprising of sentient robots known as the Omnicrisis. But after the organization was shut down, he became a vigilante under the name of Soldier 76. He continues to enforce justice wherever he can. During this time he recruited some hard as nails Pokemon to join his cause. He’s joined the PAX Pokemon League hoping to find others to defend the innocent against the Omnics. This world we must defend could always use more heroes.

Test your mettle against his metal to earn the Hero Badge!


Simon Petrikov, the ICE King!

His name is Simon Petrikov, and his life changed when he came into possession of this crown. The crown whispers its icy secrets to him, and has driven away his love… But just give him enough time, and he’ll get himself back, he’ll get his Betty, his princess back! Have you seen her?

She’s right here on the Betty Badge!


The Outsider, the Great Leviathan Trainer

Don’t let this Dark Outsider from the Void scare you, he’s here for his own amusement. With his eyes closed he sees into eternity. While no no special moves nor words may compel him, if you show enough Fighting spirit you may earn his favor.

Defeat him to earn a token of his approval, the Bonecharm Badge!


Shawn Spencer, the Psychic Detective!

Shawn Spencer runs a psychic detective agency, so of course he surrounds himself with psychic Pokemon, right? Figure out if Shawn’s Pokemon really are psychic, and prove you are a fan of delicious flavor!

Step up and win the Pineapple Badge!

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The First Three South Gym Leaders Revealed! Felicity, Sue, and Grunts A and B!

Felicity, the Crazy Cat Lady!

No one is crazier about cats than Felicity! She may be a bit of a wallflower, but she considers her fluffy and fierce feline Pokemon to be her family! She doesn’t need a love life as long as she has her cute kitty Pokemon…right?

Defeat her cuddly babies and take home the Whisker Badge!


Sue, the Gourmet Chef!

Fresh from culinary school in Kalos, Sue has come to Alola to add some spice to the PAX Pokemon League! You’ll find all kinds of challenges on her Battle Menu – just don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Order up and claim the Gourmet Badge!


Hannah and Derigor, Grunts A and B!

It’s nice to be out on your own and be your own boss for a change. We don’t report to anyone anymore, well except the Elite 4… and the League Champion. Wait a minute… are we still Grunts?

Put these two in their place to earn the Grunt Badge!


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