The Elites are here! South 2017 Elite Six REVEALED!

Corporal Surge, the Static Soldier!

Corporal Surge

Growing up in Vermillion City, Surge’s love for electric type Pokemon started at an early age. Watching his father battle in the Vermillion Gym, he learned the skills, discipline, and strategies necessary to harness electric power. His father always wanted Surge to follow in his footsteps as a soldier. When he was old enough, Surge enlisted with his partner Magnemite. After graduating from the academy, Surge quickly rose through the ranks, showing of the prowess and discipline he cultivated in his youth. He one day hopes to surpass his father, who has been his biggest inspiration!

Drill your Pokemon in battle with Surge and earn the Storm Strike Emblem!


Emre, the Ice Ice Baby Leader!


Emre was born and raised in tropical Alola. Unable to take the warm weather, Emre always had his ice Pokemon around to keep him cool. His bond with ice types gave him a desire to become an ice master, and so Emre traveled the world to capture and raise the coldest Pokemon. He learned from many powerful ice type trainers including Pryce, Wulfric, and Candice. After many close calls with frostbite, Emre finally managed to gain control of the cold. Now he’s at South to prove himself as a master of ice Pokemon.

Withstand Emre’s chill to earn the Vanilla Emblem!


Dell, the Double Bladed Master!


After mastering every sword he picked up, Dell traveled the world in search of something greater. He discovered Pokémon. Pokemon that had sharp instincts and brute power that fought in ways that inspired him. These Pokémon could defend while attacking and attacked with power to crush defenses. They were dual wielders, and with this revelation, Dell vowed to never fight with only one sword again. Just like his new style, he only trained Pokémon capable of following and furthering his new philosophy. Soon after he became known as Double D the Dual Wielding Master, capable defeating any opponent.

Fend off his one-two attack to earn the Double D Emblem!


Clash, the Master of Combat!


Ever since he was a young boy, Clash has trained in the art of combat. With the help of his best friend Lucario and the mentoring of Elite Four member Bruno, he has mastered the martial arts, and the fighting type Pokemon that practice them. His Pokemon will deal an all-out pummeling, so be prepared to withstand the onslaught!

Show that the student can surpass the master and earn the Randori Emblem!


Chance Gamble, the Game Corner Exec!

Chance Gamble

Chance Gamble always takes advantage of an opportunity when the odds are in his favor. He rose to prominence through the ranks of Team Rocket by running their Celadon City Game corner. After achieving unprecedented profits, he was granted control of the Goldenrod Game Corner as well. After the fall of Team Rocket, Mr. Gamble skillfully avoided association with the disreputable gang and was granted full ownership of the Game Corners. He was even asked to manage the struggling Veilstone Game Corner by Team Galactic. Do you take your chances to try to beat The House or will you fall into Gamble’s Ruin?

Buy another spin to win the All-in Emblem!


Model 404, the Eliminator Android!

Model 404

In the not too distant future, the world has been devastated by the war between human Pokémon trainers and the machine Pokémon trainers. The Series P-800 Model 404 was built by the machines and sent back in time to eliminate rising Pokémon trainers in a bid to win the war before it begins. Wielding an arsenal of Steel-type Pokemon, Model 404 has come to San Antonio in 2017 to eliminate the challengers of the PAX Pokemon League!

Resist the rise of the machines to earn the Microprocessor Emblem!


Are you ready to meet and defeat the Elite? Stay tuned tomorrow for the Champion and more League activities!

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