The South 2017 Champion Revealed!

Roy G. Biv, the Colorful Character!

Roy G. Biv

They say that if you reach the end of a rainbow you’ll find a pot of gold, but what about the start of one? The legend goes that a dull-looking trainer named Roy was scaling the Tin Tower’s rooftops when he slipped on a loose shingle and began to fall. As he fell, he saw a vision of Ho-oh, the Rainbow Pokemon, and somehow landed on the leaf-covered path unharmed. When Roy looked around, he now saw the world in new hues that he never knew existed! It was in that instant that he knew that he would gather a colorful cast of Pokemon to join him on his journey to become the best trainer around. The legend then goes on to say that the start of a rainbow appears when Roy is having a heated battle with a challenger.

Defeat Roy to forge your own legend and enter the PAX Pokemon League Hall of Fame!

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