This Just In, PPLAUS has Plenty-O-Gym: Larry, B-Zero and Morty

Larry, the Layabout Loafer!

Larry had never been very motivated. If you were to ever ask Larry about his ideal weekend, holiday, or even his future, you’d get the same, simple answer. Larry loved nothing more than to stay at home playing games and watching T.V. You’d think that becoming a Pokemon trainer would change all that: fresh air, the great outdoors, plenty of exercise. That this would motivate Larry to explore the world, finding a hunger to learn and grow. You would be wrong. After all, what kind of Pokemon could such a person bond with? What kind of Pokemon would really understand him? Pokemon as lazy as him of course! His Pokemon spend more time napping and loafing than he does!
The question remains, why would such a person become a Gym Leader of the PPL? To spend all day with his lazy Pokemon, loafing around and waiting for challengers to come to him? What could be better for a lazy trainer?!
Rouse Larry his slumber and earn yourselves the Effort Badge!

The Effort Badge

B-Zero, the Ice Cold Killer!


As a lone street kid, his only companion a Snorunt, B-Zero had to fight for his life, learning street dances or break-dancing to impress the other gangs and pokemon battling to defend himself. Combining his quick wits from his dancing with the devastating offense of ice type pokemon, B-Zero quickly becomes a formidable pokemon battler, eventually travelling away from the streets of his hometown, venturing out to seek greater arenas and dance floors. With countless competitions, both dancing and Pokemon battling, under his belt, B-Zero has set his sights on the PAX Pokemon League for his next performance!
Defeat B-Zero to earn the chilling Absolute Zero Badge!

The Absolute Zero Badge

Morty, the Mystic Seer of the Future!



After being tired of facing trainers at his gym, Morty has traveled the globe to find new and exciting places to find worthy opponents. He now finds himself at PAX Australia where he will be fighting the toughest of opponents in exhilarating matches!
Do you have what it takes to go up against Johto’s former Ghost type Gym Leader and claim the Fog Badge?
The Fog Badge

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