Prepare for Andy, Yoshua and our first Elite, Switch!

Andy, The Hyper Repairer!


After the final battle with Black hole, Andy and the other CO’s went back to their every day life. For Andy it was working as a mechanic, Working on the road took him to many new and exciting places all around the world.
When his journey finally ended at Castelia City, he decided that this was where he could help the most people and do the most work. Partnering up with his Kling and mangemite, Andy settled down to help everyone with any and all of their needs.
As time passed his reputation grew as a trusted friend and as a fearsome battler, Andi was offered the position of gym leader in the City which he took with great excitement.
Grind down Andy and his Impregnable Steel Pokemon and earn yourself the Upgrade Badge!

TheĀ Upgrade Badge

Yoshua, the Weird Scientist!


Yoshua use to be a scientist investigating ghost pokemon until a lab accident bound him and his friend Gengar. That’s when Yoshua left his lab to travel the world to show people the greatness of ghost pokemon through battle. Yoshua’s journey led him to Lavender town in the Kanto region were he helped people connect with the ghost pokemon in the area while also challenging any trainer who came through town. It was his work with connecting people and pokemon and his love of battling that drew the Pax Pokemon league to invite him to be a gym leader.
Defeat Yoshua to claim the Possession badge!

TheĀ Possession Badge

Switch, the Sorcerer of Shift!



Ousted from his comfortable Gym in Kanto, his friendly Pokemon slaughtered in battle by the brutal return of a triumpant Frank Underwood, a distraught Shift wandered the world alone. Cold and alone in a near frozen cave in northern Unova, huddling around a few sizzling Feebass cooking fireside, Shift contemplated the end. A shadowy shape slithered into the cavern and started playfully making shadow puppets on the wall. Laughing for the first time in months since the deaths of his old friends, Shift held out a pokeball for his new friend Ditto to join him. Shift realised that power is not everything, and that a smart trainer knowing how to change things can win over raw power. He started his quest as a born again pokemon trainer, making his way to Australia to train with the best, and then to eventually go home to Kanto and free his home from the Tyranny of President Frank.
Show Shift the power to change the world and you could wear your own Triple Triad badge with pride!

The Triple Triad Badge

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