PPLAUS2016 Leader Bulletin: Johann, Mim and Dann

Johann, Frozen Master of the Dark Tides!


Johann can barely remember meeting Lapras, She had always been there by his side for as long as he can remember.
After many battles in the previous AUS PPL, Johann set out to train and improve his skills. On his journeys he came about a mysterious island found not on any map, covered in fog and radiating an evil aura. The young Lapras Laura tried in vain to stop Johann from approaching the island.
Hours later Johann awoke on a beach alone and with a throbbing headache. What had just happen? Where was he? Who was he? Standing up he instantly dropped to his knees as painful visions forced their way into his mind. “A battle?” Johann muttered to himself. A dark shadow waving a staff and speaking a language he didn’t understand, and a large blue and grey creature standing in-between. The shadow attacked and launched a ray of eerie purple light while the defending creature let loose a power beam of ice. The two beams colliding with such force that it caused a vortex of dark & light energy sucking all 3 of them into it. Feeling groggy, Johann rose to his feet and noticed a bag laying next to him. Inside were the the usual items a trainer might carry plus a few pokeballs and a bright coloured scarf. What did it all mean? Johann’s thoughts were interrupted as a mysterious figure approached. “Ah good your finally awake, come now we have to head to the PPL”
Johann can barely remember meeting Lapras, it was like she never existed..But she has always been there, and still is.
The worlds of light and darkness collide! Can you pierce the veil and receive The Mirror Soul Badge?
The Mirror Soul Badge

Mim, the Mini ‘Mon Master!


Growing up on Four Island, the smallest of the Sevii Islands, Mim’s choice in companion pokemon was always restricted, although never by species or type. With such little space available for both the inhabitants and the many visitors, the greatest concern was space. Height restrictions on local pokemon were strictly enforced to avoid overcrowding, not that Mim minded, she herself was never the tallest.
When she was old enough, Mim embarked upon her journey like any other trainer, but with a passion in her heart to prove that the small shouldn’t be underestimated so quickly. Travelling every continent, she soon assembled her team of small but powerful pokemon, ready to take on any challenge.
Hearing that a league of powerful trainers were recruiting, Mim jumped at the chance to prove the powerful things CAN come in small packages and that judging a pokemon by its size is great mistake.
Measure up to Mim’s team of fierce mini ‘mons to earn the Micro Badge.

The Micro Badge

Dann, the Shadow-Clad Punk!!



An orphan growing alone on the streets, Dann felt more comfortable hidden within the shadows, and away from prying eyes. He had nearly given up all hope, until he met his first shining beacon of friendship and hope, a lone Eevee (later evolved into Umbreon) scavenging scraps. With a newly lit fire (or shadowy flame), Dann challenged the Gym-leader establishment, and eventually solidified himself as the brutal punk of the Pokemon league.
Sway the champion of shade, and the Misama Badge shall be yours.

The Miasma badge

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