Aspen, the Exiled Snake Charmer

NovaCascadeGrowing up in Blackthorn city and apprenticing under The Dragon Master Clair, young Aspen was destined for greatness. On the day of his graduation, he entered the Dragons Den to claim his new partner Dratini but no Dratini appeared before him. Furious at her protégés failure, Clair exiled him from Blackthorn City, never to return until he could defeat her.

Far and wide Aspen wandered, until he found himself lost in the mountains surrounding Unova. Here, a partnership with a small Tynamo was struck and together they travelled the regions, capturing and training any serpentine Pokémon, as a reminder of the Dratini that rejected him. Now Aspen comes to the PPL, as the final preparation before returning to Blackthorn City.

Will you be be able to take down Aspen’s team of snakes and claim the Constriction Badge, or will you feel the squeeze?

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