Harro, the Not-So-Normal Guy

HarroTheNotSoNormalGuyFinalCome closer young one.. Closer.. Hear this tale I’m about to tell you. There once was a young lad named Harro. Now, Harro wasn’t anything special however that is not to say he wasn’t destined for some cruel test of fate. As he grew up, he found he wasn’t particular good or bad at anything. He made friends and he made enemies… just like any other lad. He suspected there was more to him than to just grow old and amount to nothing. He was determined to make something of himself.

The irony of all this, is that even though he wanted to become someone special and amazing, he only encountered the normal type pokemon along his journey. At first, he cursed fate for making such a cruel joke out of his determination but he knew if he wanted to prove anything, then he couldn’t stop there. Today, he has become a fierce trainer backed by his normal type pokemon and will rise up to any challenge. The question is, are you up to the challenge? Come and try your luck!

Defeat Harro to receive the Natural Badge!

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