Elite Four Member: Darren, The Sea Captain!


Darren has always loved sailing the seas of his native land of Hoenn with his trusty Wingull. One day, while starting out on a new voyage, his ship was boarded by Team Aqua grunts. As Darren struggled to save his ship, his Wingull evolved into Pelipper and defeated the Aqua attackers. Ever since, Darren and Pelipper have devoted themselves to keeping the seas safe from Team Aqua and any others who would do sailors or pokemon harm on the seas. Darren received an invitation to the PPL as one of its PAX South Elite Four, and gladly accepted. He relishes the chance to test his and his Pokemon’s strength against the challengers of the PPL! Brave the briny deep against Darren to earn the Captain’s Emblem!

Captain's Emblem

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