Elite Four Member: Mr. Saturday, the Venerable Vodouist!

saturday-artHailing from the northeast, Mr. Saturday is a regular face at PPL East. During his trips to Boston, he became fascinated by hauntings at the sites of the Salem Witch Trials. Seeing the untapped potential of these spirits, he captured several to create an elite team of ghost pokemon. As their strength grew, he found he needed to head farther and farther south to find more challenging opponents, leading him to the Voodoo capital of the US, New Orleans. There he studied the intricacies of the practice and used it to further hone his skills with ghost type pokemon. As he gained notoriety, he also gained the attention of the PAX Pokemon League South, which invited him to battle as one of its Elite Four! Brave trainers, proceed with caution and you may just earn Legba’s approval… and the Crossroad’s Emblem!

Crossroads Badge

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