Leader: Hiker Bill, the Hiker’s Gym Leader!

bill-artHiker Bill was born in the quiet mountain retreat of Blackthorn City. As a small child, Bill developed a strong desire to explore the world around him, frequently going into nearby caves and the surrounding tall grass. It was in one of those nearby caves that he met his first pokemon and partner, Geodude. As Hiker Bill and his Geodude grew older and stronger together, they started to venture further and further from home. Together, they toughened up by travelling to the highest peaks and deepest caverns throughout Johto. When they finally felt strong enough, they started travelling all across Kanto, Hoenn and anywhere they could find a hiking challenge. Bill and his pokemon have become well known for cheerfully greeting other trainers and travelers with a warm smile and a pokemon battle. Share a story and a battle with Bill to earn the Beard Badge!

Beard Badge

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