Leaders: Pepper, the Flaming Chef, and Ren Daitox, the Shiny Bug Hunter!

Pepper, the Flaming Chef!


Strategy: Roast, skewer, and SERVE ‘EM UP!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My kitchen team!
Trainer’s Message: ALLEZ CUISINE!
Searing Badge
Survive Pepper’s flambe to receive the Searing Badge!

Ren Daitox, the Shiny Bug Hunter!

Ren Daitox
Strategy: Like a great hive, all my bug Pokémon benefit from one another to form an unstoppable team.
Trainer’s Pokémon: I found the best shiny bug Pokémon, and trained them to work well together.
Trainer’s Message: Never give up searching for the best Pokémon to be your buddies. Show me the strength of the bond between you and your Pokémon to get the The Gilded Bug Badge!

Gilded Bug Badge

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