Leaders: Thor, God of Thunder, and Poru, the Clever Conjurer!

Thor, God of Thunder!


Strategy: My Strength will electrify you!
Favorite Pokémon: My Pokémon were trained to be mighty Asgardian Warriors.
Trainer Message: Do you have what it takes to challenge a God? Let me see if you are worthy!

Ragnarok Badge
Prove yourself god-like to earn the Ragnarok Badge!

Poru, the Clever Conjurer!


Strategy: The balance of the world is the greatest defense and offence!
Trainer’s Pokémon: A harmony of natures; a whole greater than the individual parts!
Trainer’s Message: Let us show you the beauty and might of equilibrium!

Harmony Badge
If your team can unite and support itself, you will win the Harmony badge!

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