The Elite Seven!


Elite Seven Member: Emre, the Master of Fear!


     Strategy: Immobilize the opponent with fear and overpower them with my ghost type Pokémon
Trainer’s Pokémon: Pokémon that haunt your souls.
Trainer’s Message: You need to face your fear and strike them down in order to obtain the Dread Emblem!

Dread Badge


Elite Seven Member: Chris, the Pro-Bending Ace!


Strategy: Work as a team to secure the win
Trainer’s Pokémon: The best Benders around
Trainer’s Message: I’m aiming for the Championship!

Championship BadgeKnock Chris out of the ring to earn the Championship Emblem!


Elite Seven Member: Sorra Fortuna and Dustin DeValle, the Parched Pirates!

Sorra and Dustin

     Strategy: Bending the sea of sands to our will!
Trainer’s Pokémon: Unbowed by the raging sands!
Trainer’s Message: Sailing the sea is too easy-can you outmaneuver us in our new element?

Sandstorm Badge Show your stormy grit to earn the Sandstorm Emblem!


Elite Seven Member: Revan, Master of the Force!


Strategy: Harness the power of both sides of the force!
Trainer’s Pokemon: A mystery…
Trainer’s Message: Face a coin to decide if you must give into your hatred or stand with the Light!

Grey BadgeCause a great disturbance in the force to receive the Grey Emblem!


Elite Seven Member: Stinky Stella, the Seneschal of Smell!


 Strategy: Mastery of the power of smell.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Garabage, flowers, chocolate, gas; I love smell, no mater where it comes from!
Trainer’s Message: Who among you is up to snuff?

Aromatic BadgeCan you wade through the odors and win the Aromatic Emblem?


Elite Seven Member: Masdrex, the Majestic PokéKing!


     Strategy: Test the valiance of an enemy, then reveal sheer divination!
Trainer’s Pokémon: Only those who are bestowed with the proper title!
Trainer’s Message: I am chosen by Arceus Itself, so just who are you?

Royal Badge

Knock off Masdrex’s crown to inherit the Royal Emblem!


Elite Seven Member: Gwen, the Maester of Westeros!


     Strategy: Don’t expect the same team twice!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My team represents the Kings and Queens of Westeros.
Trainer’s Message: I am of the Order of Maesters, a group of scholars, healers, and seekers of intellectual pursuits. Our battle will teach you about the War of the Five Kings!

Iron Throne Badge Defeat Gwen’s team of royalty and earn the right to bear the Iron Throne Emblem!


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