Secret Base Raffle 02 – SATURDAY



So, you’ve found our Secret Base, shown us your badges, and performed the task that has been asked of you – what’s next?!

Saturday, at 5:30pm at the Secret Base, the second raffle will be held!

Each person looking to participate in the raffle will need to show the PAX Pokemon representative on duty their trainer card.

There is only one entry per person for the entire weekend of PAX East. This way we can offer as many prizes up to as many people as possible!

The following are the prizes we will have up for grabs for Saturday!


Pokemon World Cup origami paper with stickers!


Pokemon World Cup notepad and stickers!


Pokemon X&Y clear folder with puffy stickers!


Starters lanyard made by!


Little Eevee plush!


Little Torchic plush!



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