Leaders: Erkenhelm, Franziska, and Marlin!


Leader: Erkenhelm, the Silver Dragon!


Strategy: Battle with the ferocity of the dragons of Middle-earth.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Every Pokémon represents a character from the history of Middle-earth.
Trainer’s Message: I battle with the honor of the Rohirrim and the favor of King Elessar.

One Badge

Overcome the history of Middle-earth to defeat Erkenhelm and claim the One Badge to rule them all!


Leader: Franziska von Karma, the Perfect Prosecutor!


Strategy: A von Karma is someone who is destined to be perfect!
Trainer’s Pokémon: I’ve chosen my team to represent those who have challenged me in the courtroom.
Trainer’s Message: Only a foolish fool could even consider challenging me.

Prosecutor's Badge She’s unbeatable in court, but can you defeat Franziska and win your own Prosecutor’s Badge*?
*Badge does not allow you to practice law.


Leader: Marlin, the Sea-Monster Maniac!


Strategy: I’ll power up and drench you!
Trainer’s Pokémon: I only use powerful Pokémon lurking in and around the sea!
Trainer’s Message: I have been looking at the bottom of the ocean for the ultimate Sea Monster, Kyogre. 

Depth Badge

Sink Marlin’s team to earn the Depth Badge!


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