Elite Four Member: Dell, the Hot Freestyler!

dell-artA Houston native who settled down in Johto, O’Dell “Dizzy Dell” Harmon has traveled the world searching for Pokémon that share his passion for battles and family. One fateful day after moving to Johto, he received a baby Cyndaquil, and the flames on his back sparked a fascination with fire types and hip-hop music. Dell became an urban recording artist and battler, specializing in fire types that “spit that hot fire” just like he does when recording a new song or having a freestyle battle. Dell often gives away free tickets to anyone who can beat him in a battle, and after 10 different Gym Leaders failed to win free tickets to his sold out show in Houston, he was approached by the PPL to battle as one of its Elite Four at South. It’s going to take a strong bond with your Pokémon and much more than water to stand the heat and earn a Spitfire Emblem!

Spitfire Emblem

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