The Champion: General GZ


MrAGeezie was the worst cadet of his boot camp class. Even after graduating, he was nicknamed “Karp” and forced to babysit his unit’s Magikarp, which some cruel soldiers kicked around when they were bored. He felt animosity toward Magikarp as a reflection of his own weakness and abuse, but liked the fact someone respected and needed him. A year later, their unit was sent on a critical mission. After an ambush, MrAGeezie’s unit was wiped out except for him and Magikarp. While wandering through the sand, he eventually passed out from the desert sun. MrAGeezie spoke what he thought were his last words to the pokeball, telling Magikarp not to worry; someone would find him and take care of him. Suddenly, Magikarp freed himself and splashed MrAGeezie until he came to. As he woke, all MrAGeezie could remember were the words of another cadet, Surge: “Pok√©mon are the best soldiers you could ask for, and even better comrades.” MrAGeezie pressed on, and was rescued by another unit. He worked his way up the ranks in the military and as a trainer, remembering Surge’s words. Now known as General GZ and champion of the PAX South Pokemon League, he eagerly awaits any and all challengers that want to test their team and enter the Hall of Fame!

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  1. Can’t wait to meet everyone at Pax SOUTH. Can’t wait to test your teams.

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