Prime Elite: Thomas Roe, the Appliance Whisperer!



Thomas Roe was a high school dropout that was barely making ends meet by performing odd jobs here and there all around Sinnoh then spending the money at the Game Corner in Veilstone to try and turn a profit. Everything was working out as planned until the day he purchased a new phone from the Game Corner after hitting the jackpot – the phone had been possessed by a Rotom! Thomas with his extensive knowledge of electronics from his various odd jobs got along great with the Rotom, which he affectionately named Impulse after the decision to buy the phone in the first place. Through his various channels, Thomas discovered that the Battle Chateau could be a way to earn some serious cash and respect by having Impulse hack into the Chateau databases through trainers’ electronic ID devices, all under the guise of being just another trainer. Sitting pretty as an Elite Six member, he’s looking to flaunt his position a bit before making a break for it. Decode the mystery behind Thomas’ team and earn yourself the Digigeist Emblem!




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