Prime Elite: Solmun, the Sun Warrior!



As a child in the isolated village of Lundar, north of Frost Cavern, Solmun got lost in a blizzard and followed a flickering light in to try to find his way home. The light turned out to be a Charmander that had been separated from its pack. Together, they rode out the storm by finding a cave by way of Charmander’s tail. Solmun realized the value of Pokemon and the help they can provide, choosing to dedicate his life to teaching this value to other trainers—a sentiment he shares with his wife, Spyra. After proving his worth to the Battle Chateau by defeating many challengers, he was invited to become an Elite Six member of the PAX Pokemon League. His sunny Pokemon can break through any storm, but if you can block him out, you’ll earn yourself the Daybreak Emblem.


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