Prime Elite: Lt. Surge, the Lightning American!


Lt. Surge hails from North America, and was a member of Team Rocket in Kanto before they were defeated at the hands of Red and Gary Oak. Though he turned his attention back to his job in the Army (using his Electric-type Pokemon to scout enemy explosives from his squadron of jets) he never lost hope that one day Team Rocket would return to power. While deployed to Johto in 2013, Lt. Surge heard rumor that Team Rocket had taken over the PAX Pokemon League. He arrived too late, however, and all that was left was rumor and whisper that they were defeated by young heroes yet again. Lt. Surge decided to join the PPL in hopes of tracking down his old contacts, and he was promptly raised to the rank of Duke of the Elite Six for his work for the Army. Beat his master strategies and you can call the Thunder Badge your own!


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