Prime Champion: Snorkus, the Mega Trainer!



Snorkus has always been able to use six mega Pokemon.  Because of this tremendous advantage he never lost a fight.  He soon became weary of fighting without challenge.  When he heard about the PAX Pokemon League the thought crept into his mind, “maybe one last tournament”.  Snorkus applied to become a leader, and the PPL was very happy to have him, though they requested that he only use one Mega to make things fair for the competitors.  That request caused outrage-how could Snorkus pick only one? He challenged the entire PPL at once to beat his six Megas on the condition that if they won he would use only one.  Finally after a 3 day long battle all of Snorkus’s Pokemon had fainted. Though, in recognition of his skill, the PPL made him the Battle Chateau Champion! Come test your strengths against Snorkus, the Mega Trainer and if you should win, you will be enshrined as one of PAX Prime’s Champions!

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