Leader: Ciro, the Glacial Dragon Hunter!

At the age of nine, Ciro befriended a Sneasel on Mt. Silver, near the tiny town where he lived. After his town was razed to the ground by a battle between a Salamance and a Garchomp a month before he was to earn his Pokemon license, he stole a Pokeball and, with the help of Sneasel, captured the wounded Salamance and defeated the Garchomp. Returning home to his worried parents, he was forbidden from obtaining a license and told he must say goodbye to the Sneasel. He refused and fled the town, vowing to track down and capture dangerous dragon-types that could be harmful to people. Since then he has had a series of successful captures of dangerous dragons, which he left anonymously with Blackthorne City Gym Leader Clair. His good deeds were finally found out by Professor Oak. He was absolved of his crimes, and given an official license, and his skill in battle against dragons led him to becoming a Gym Leader in the Johto Region. Do you have the cold skill to take on this battle-scarred hunter and earn the Rimewyrm badge?

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