Leader: Lawrence III, the Crazed Collector!

Lawrence the Third was once the greatest collector of all time. He used his vast wealth and power to attempt to capture the Legendary Birds, in the hopes of fulfilling an ancient prophecy and meeting the great Pokemon Lugia. Lawrence intended to collect Lugia, even if it meant the end of the world! His plans were foiled by an upstart young trainer named Ash Ketchum, who crashed Lawrence’s flying castle and became the Chosen One of prophecy. His plans foiled and his collection destroyed, Lawrence picked up the only item that had survived, an Ancient Mew Pokemon card, and vanished, vowing to start his collection over again. Years later, Lawrence has reemerged as a Gym Leader in the PAX Pokemon League. Can you stop this madman from adding your Pokemon to his collection!? Do so and you’ll collect the Prophecy Badge!

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