Elite Six Member: Ciro, the Dragon Hunter!

GL15Since he was young, Ciro has travelled the regions, hunting down and capturing dangerous wild Dragon-type Pokémon as an unlicensed trainer, always bringing them back to Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair for safekeeping. His deeds finally earned him a trainers license, and his skill earned him a position as an Ice-type Gym Leader. Recently, as Ciro travelled in the Kalos region to learn more about the newly discovered Fairy-type, he was attacked by a swarm of Ghost Pokémon. Ciro managed to fight them off, but they had not attacked alone. They had been spurred on by a powerful ghost who had felt the rage of the dragons Ciro had captured, and had sympathized. That powerful ghost was none other than the ruler of the Distortion World, Giratina. Giratina attacked and stole Ciro’s beloved Walrein, dragging it into its underworld. Thus an enraged and mourning Ciro began a new hunt, outfitting his team with two new types to suit his new quarry. His rigorous training earned him a spot as a member of the League’s Elite 6. Now he challenges trainers to test his strength, offering the icy Cocytus Emblem to those who can prove he is not yet strong enough to face Giratina.

Cocytus Emblem

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