A special delivery!

Rufus the Pokemon League janitor dropped a package off at my office, and my my! Look at these beautiful little things!

Old-timey map not included.

Each of you challengers will be getting one of these beautiful little things along with your trainer card, while supplies last!

I have no idea what they’re for, but Rufus seems insistent, so… (when I say insistent  I mean he keeps trying to trip me with his mop whenever he sees me. He’s clearly enamored with my research!)



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2 Responses to A special delivery!

  1. redsoxfan0711

    How would one go about getting these if we plan on competing at PAX?

    • Propriety

      The first gym leader you battle will give you one along with your trainer card, win or lose! So just find a gym leader (in a bright green scarf) and challenge them! 😀

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