Leader: Rufus, the Pokemon League Janitor!

Pokemon battles unleash copious amounts of destruction on the grounds where they are fought, but the hallowed halls of the Pax Pokemon League remain shining and spotless due to the tireless efforts of one man. Rufus Atwood has been the PPL janitor for 37 years and he’s always been quick with a ready mop, a window squeegee, or that powder stuff you put on throw-up. A talented trainer in his own right, many a league challenger owe their badge to a kindly word of advice from the man polishing the pokeball case. Rufus’ team is full of those pokemon that live in dingy corners, who would once be the cause of mess and mayhem but have turned to the service of cleanliness under the janitor’s gleaming example. If you can take on this team of muck and grime and emerge without getting slimed, you’ll earn yourself the Spotless Badge!

Spotless Badge

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  2. Colin

    With all this Pokemon GO happening around, it seems my building is turned into a gym…and ironically, I am the janitor for this building.

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