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Yo! Champ-in-making! With PAX fast approaching, I’ll bet you want to know the best way to hunt down those elusive gym leaders who will be wandering PAX, so you can prove yourself in battle and earn their badge! Well, I’ve got the scoop: tons of gym leaders will be attending the official PAX Pokemon League Meetups! These meetups are the best way to find that elusive leader you’re missing, or to find and challenge your rival!

Meetups will be held in the Handheld lounge (@handheldlounges):

Friday at 4 PM

Saturday at 4 PM

Sunday at 3 PM

Also, after PAX is officially over, come by the Champion Showcase, which will be held on Sunday at 6:30 PM (on the mezzanine of the Westin Hotel, attached to the convention center). There will be plenty of gym leaders to challenge for last-minute badges, prizes for champions, group photos, and all sorts of shenanigans.

See you at PAX!

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