The PAX East Pokemon League 2012 is over, and gym leaders and elite four members have returned to their respective corners of the globe. There will be more news and reviews and photos coming soon (after we recover from all the excitement), but I’m sure I echo the sentiments of all of the other leaders when I say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much to all of the challengers who battled hard and took the PPL challenge! Without you all this wouldn’t be possible, and whether you defeated the champion or your Pokemon journey is only just beginning, I hope you’ll continue to participate in the future!

Thanks again!


P.S.: If you want to reconnect with your rival or fellow challengers or gym leaders you battled, check out our forums!


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2 Responses to THANK YOU PAX EAST 2012!

  1. manny noe

    Hi I was just wondering if and how its possible to become a gym leader for the pax east pokemon league 2013?

    • Nyankokimi

      As East approaches, we will be making Facebook, Twitter, Forum, and website announcements for those desiring to be gym leaders! Keep a lookout for when we make that announcement. 🙂 In the meantime, think of a theme for yourself!

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